Marketing and Design Tools for Every Business Should Know Of

Marketing and Design Tools

Having an effectively planned and executed digital strategy can, in the face of the global digitization of our society, be the difference between business that sees success and one that fails.

Search Engine Optimization tools.

A key aspect of operating effectively as an organization within the online space is making sure that your page is one of the first ones that comes up on a search engine site. If you are a gourmet burger shop, and there are twenty other burger shops in your area, you will want people who search for “burger near me”, “restaurants near me”, “food” and a number of other variations of these, to have your restaurant’s name be the top search result, or at least top three. Research has shown that less than one percent of search engine users will click to move to the second page of a google search. With this in mind, in order to make sure that your site appears at the top of a search engine results page, you should make use of a number of digital marketing research tools including backlink checker and various other SEO tools. These tools all offer a similar service to each other by ensuring that companies have optimized content appearing on their sites, which includes links to other reputable sites and therefore increasing the visibility of the site and therefore the chance that there will be high site traffic. Some of these tools even provide additional analytical features to their site in order to assist you in drawing conclusions around consumer behavior and a number of other potentially important findings.

Website and logo builders

Of course, none of your search engine optimization will mean anything if you have nothing to optimize. Building the right website for your business, without breaking the bank, is more accessible now than ever before and there are a number of online website builders that offer additional logo generation and hosting services to your business.

Ecommerce tools

Already an industry that has seen rapid growth in recent years, ecommerce tools are becoming more and more refined and streamlined as time goes by and it is anticipated that by 2021 there will be billion-dollar growth figures for ecommerce across the globe.

Voice ordering through mediums like Alexa and Google Dot have also influenced the ecommerce landscape and many new voice-controlled features will be implemented in order to meet consumers’ growing demand for convenience.

Another area of development within the ecommerce sector is omnichannel shopping, where consumers tend to utilize multiple channels throughout various stages of the shopping process before concluding a purchase, is set to become the industry standard as early as the beginning of 2021. This also involves the use of effective management and analytics tools and finding the right tool that is well suited for your business is a great digital marketing tool to have in your arsenal.

Artificial Intelligence

Although the concept of AI isn’t news to us anymore, it will still play a huge role in the digital environment going forward. With the impending shift of 5G moving into the general consumer market, networks are now able to provide support for advanced AI programs and processes that weren’t possible before. Because we have only experienced a fraction of what AI is truly capable of, the introduction of 5G will see a huge wave of resulting development and new technological implications. Naturally to have AI work for you now, in any small way that counts towards your business, would in itself be an excellent digital tool to have. We have already begun to see chat bots managing the initial contact between customers and the business and they are able to assist in call centers and as chat bots on websites. AI can manage complaints and queries on behalf of businesses and can escalate matters quickly and effectively.

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