Love flowers. What flowers should you get for your girlfriend?

romance flowers

There are some gifts that are always a win, gift that never let you down. Well, almost never.Romance flowers are such a gift. They are a timeless, traditional show of affection. An item whose attempt is to signal or mirror the beauty of the recipient.

They are colorful, scentful, a joy to behold. When done right of course. If you are in a romantic mood or just want to surprise your significant other, the flowers on our list should help you greatly.

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There isn’t a more defined symbol of burning, passionate, everlasting love than a red rose. The more expressive their redness, and the bigger number of roses in your romantic bouquet, the bigger is the certainty your significant other will feel once you gift him or her the roses. The best thing about roses is that they go along with every opportunity. You can gift them for Valentine’s day, a birthday or anniversary.

They are always welcome and will always unlock that very special smile on the face of your loved one. That wonderful, sweet loving smile that shows you you did the right thing, that your future will be wonderful, full of love and passion as those love flowers are of their crimson red.


While roses are the staple, the tulips are more colorful. And you know what that means? Every color has a very specific meaning. You can use a bouquet of tulips for a more complex message. Let’s say that you hurt the one you love, and want to make things right.

You can pick a certain number of white tulips, that mean regret, and combine them with a number of red ones, which will indicate just how much you still love and care for that person. They are also quite wonderful for a young, budding couple.

Roses are intense and come with big obligations when you still aren’t quite so sure about where things are heading with your new flame or love you can use tulips to test the waters and gauge the reaction of the person who you have bought them for. A combination of the right tulip colors could lead eventually to a full bouquet of the archetype romance flowers, roses


While they are wonderful to both see or smell, they are quite underappreciated. Sure there are a great many pictures and even songs about roses. About Lilac’s not so many. Lilac Wine by the late, great Jeff Buckley springs to mind.

But, none the less, they are a wonderful, thoughtful gift for a new love interest in your life. The colors in a lilac flower can range from lighter to paler. You can use this as a little, clever indicator that you hope that your feelings for one another will eventually grow more intense, like the petals of the lilac bouquet.

We hope that this article will bring more strongly felt emotions in your budding romantic life. And remember, pick your flowers wisely, like the words you use in front of the woman you love.

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