LIL PEEP merch Grinder Giveaway 2020

Lil peep jacket

The Lil peep grinder here’s mine right here I got it I like it I mean I don’t use it like I said I don’t weed but whatever I you know it’s a little peep it was limited edition so that’s why I bought another one I knew these were gonna be out. You should visit Lil peep merch I was actually on the hive-site last night and it said sold out this one actually came in and nail to me yesterday.

I’m making a video today and I’ll probably post tomorrow it’ll all be the same to you but you know as of yesterday last night it was sold out so I got mine I ordered another one came in the mail we’re gonna do with the unboxing.

I’ll go through you know what you guys do basically it’s just gonna be a couple of likes and a couple of shares you know leave a comment in the description and follow me on Facebook. so I’ll get into the details on that everything will be in the description so don’t panic don’t worry the giveaway is not going to be until November.

I’m gonna do it on the anniversary that was passing so November 15th, 2019 we’ll be giving this away we’re gonna unbox it right now first real quick I know a lot of people said they had problems with these grinders. you know being cracked or scratched mine is not really like that I mean you can see some light scratches but that’s probably for me handling.

It’s you know that’s the biggest blemish on it right there you know I guess in the molding process that happens but you know it’s fine with me again you know we’ll open this one see what kind of you know the damage. we got on this let’s go ahead and these were from the hive and they’re originally priced at it was $13.99 and then was shipping it was a 17 and change so not bad I went ahead and bought another one I guess had they’re limited.

They’re gone now that’s it they’re not coming back and I don’t think I’ll take it maybe we’ll just inspect it for damage okay looks good yes time same old marks are present. So that’s just part of the molding process I mean it’s not there’s some light scratches on the top nothing that would stop me from displaying or using this you know to make sure everything works.

Here screens there right perfect everything works a little sauce boy Pete now it’s that kind of purplish color pink purple. it’s got a little peeps US boy with the love tap on the top all right so that I’ll put that away.

it’s gonna be a lucky winner and very simple oh you do win that I’ll bring mine out here to see you kind of look at it while I talk how you gonna win this is you’re gonna obviously go ahead subscribe to my channel like and share my three other people the actual original review of this grinder the ashes the purest form lighter and then the custom a Lil peep jacket.

it’s not gonna cost that much to ship and you know I like some you know some fan that didn’t have a chance to get one. you know if you already own one you know we don’t somebody get one that doesn’t we’ll give this away November 15th you know just follow those instructions.

I’ll put the description I put the instructions in the description and then you know we’ll give this away make sure you oh yeah follow me on Facebook too. I’ll post that so you guys know it’s legit you know the random generator a computer program that generates picks the name and then all you got to do is I’ll follow me on Facebook that’s where I’ll post the winners its

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