Joe Cianciotto – What Makes Record Store Day So Great

Record Store Days

This year we have seen an unprecedented situation take place with a grand total of 3 Record Store Days. Those in the industry have obviously been hit hard by the pandemic and this is why they decided to ramp up the number of special days for 2020. I know a couple of guys in the industry, my friend Joe Cianciotto, who’s store is usually bustling, has been struggling greatly, even with online sales. Joe and his team are smart however and they have been coming up with some great ways to ensure that they survive.

Record Store Day was a brilliant idea, this year has proven that and here is exactly what makes it such a great event.

Supporting Independent

Above all else this is a day to support independent businesses, record stores in this case. In the modern world people value physical items less and less, they also prefer to shop online than in a store, both of the facts make it very difficult for record stores to keep things going. The record store day was brought about in order to support these local businesses, to give them a day where the spotlight shines on them, and where they can do some great business with some vinyl fans.

New Releases

New releases for RSD has certainly added an extra something special to this event. Very often we see re-releases and special editions coming out on this day, or perhaps even some recordings which were never printed on wax in the first place. Very often this is about more than just the release, they will be printed on 180 gram vinyl or they will come in a wide range of special edition colors. There are some fantastic drops which come out on RSD and fans cannot wait to get their slice of the action.


This year of course RSD has been a very different occasion than what it would usually be, for obvious reasons. Under usual circumstances however, this day is very much a celebration at record stores across the world and the owners always look to add something special to the occasion. I have seen some great events put on where they have live bands or food trucks outside the store, with great offers and promotions too. This is very much an event which vinyl and music lovers enjoy.


This is an event which has already grown to become something much bigger than what the creators could have ever hoped for. There is absolutely no reason why this will not continue to grow in the coming years, even more so once everyone is able to get out and about as normal. All being well, next year’s RSD looks set to be absolutely massive, with more releases than ever before and the biggest party that record shop owners could have ever dreamed about.

If you are a vinyl lover then this is the day which is dedicated to you and your craft.

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