Is artificial grass ideal for a school’s playground?

artificial grass

Schools, nurseries and playgrounds are the most joyful places on Earth. The main reason for this is that you’ll always find happy children around these places. They just love to play on the playgrounds, gardens and outdoors. And if you are thinking of adorning such spaces, then we suggest you use artificial grass for this task. It’s best suited for such places and you wouldn’t even regret once after installing them.

Why should you invest in artificial grass for your school and nursery playgrounds?

It is very important that play spaces are carefully designed and adorned so that they are aesthetically attractive and are super safe too. And artificial grasses are the best option keeping both these parameters in mind. Still in two minds? Read on to know more!

o It’s softest for kids — Artificial grass in NZ from Unreal Lawns is made up of the softest nylon and therefore is very plush in texture. This is best suited for kids, as any other harsh material or even natural grass may become pointed at some point and hurt the kids.

o There is no danger of pests and insects — Natural grass in your playground is a home of insects and pests. And this is obviously very dangerous for the kids playing on it. That is why unreal lawns are totally safe and secure for your kids, as these don’t attract any of these dangerous creatures.

o No danger of getting hurt — Kids tend to have the habit of climbing on the highest point and jumping from it towards the ground. No issues in this as far as they land on a soft surface. And that soft and safe ground should be of artificial grass. So, when you install unreal grass in your school’s playground, the kids jumping from top don’t get nasty bruises when they land on it.

o Looks cool to the kids too — Artificial grass looks double attractive as compared to the natural ones – they remain unmarred by the seasonal changes. This almost beckons the kids to have a gala time there with their friends.

o Can be customised as per your area — If your nursery or school isn’t wide in space and if it isn’t a geometric shape, then the artificial grass can be customised easily as per your available space. No matter if the place is zig zag, curved or narrow, the unreal grass can spread like water here and provide a perfectly covered space for your school’s playground.

o Tough and long lasting choice — As we know kids can be super mischievous and can try all kinds of tactics to damage your school’s garden. If you would have opted for natural grass, you would have seen it totally damaged in a week. But with artificial grass you can stay assured that their naughty tricks can’t break or damage it easily. That’s why it lasts longer in its intact condition.

When the matter is to design the best playground for kids in your school or nursery, safety is of utmost importance. And with artificial grass you can guarantee the same without marring the aesthetics. Win-win situation, agree?

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