Importance of Step 3 aa

Step 3 aa

Did you know that step 3 aa of the twelve-step program is all about a change of attitude to improve your life? Actually, the 3rd step to sobriety is so crucial. Unfortunately, it is the most dreaded step since it requires alcoholics to take real action.

For instance, the first stage calls for honesty. The stage drives an alcoholic to recognize the fact that they need help to overcome addiction. In the second stage, you will acknowledge the existence of a superior power such as Alcoholism Anonymous power, counsellor, God and so on. So, looking at the first two aa stages, they are all about self- recognition and acceptance. But things change in step 3 aa since you have to take real action.

What is Alcoholics Anonymous?

Alcoholics Anonymous or AA is a 12-stage program meant to liberate people struggling to overcome alcohol addiction. Step 3 of the program pushes alcohol addicts to view life from a different perspective hence embracing a positive attitude.

If you want to begin your journey to sobriety, you need support from a reputable alcohol addiction control team. The experts will enlighten you on effective treatment options and so on.

Understanding step 3 AA

Step 3 aa diverts your mind from negativity to positivity. It helps you find opportunities in every situation rather than focusing on the setbacks. This step tends to embrace the idea of ‘we are what we think’.

This is to say that a negative mind can never obtain anything while positivity gives you the strength to achieve everything you set your mind on. Below are ways in which alcohol addicts can use stage 3 to transform their lives;

Identify the things beyond your control.

Identify what they can control and what they can’t. In most cases, alcoholics conceal their feelings and attempt to control almost everything about life. However, this only ends up hurting them the more.

This is because some things in life are beyond human control. So, before you get upset to the point of drowning in alcohol, you should ask yourself whether you have power over the situation at hand. If not, you should let go, and this will reduce your urge to take alcohol considerably.

Build a positive attitude

Most people engage in alcohol drinking habits as a result of pain, frustration, anger and fear, among others. So, one can control the urge to consume alcohol by dealing with such feelings. No matter what happens, you must learn to remain optimistic amid calamities.

Being open-minded

Alcoholics believe that they are superior and must control every situation. Therefore, they love giving orders, not to mention that they are not subject to any order. As a result, life becomes unbearable, especially when things don’t turn out as they expected.

This explains why most alcoholics spend time resisting counsel from therapists and other people. However, step 3 aa helps an alcoholic to be open-minded. It enables a person to respond positively to counsel. Besides, they get to realize that not everything can be controlled.

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