How do you pick the right bicycle accident attorney?

right bicycle accident attorney

Riding bicycles is a common sport in the neighborhood, and if not done for recreation, then it is for exercise and fitness. The use of bicycles is typical because they are relatively affordable and are also available in different sizes, from that of a toddler to that of an adult.

With these advantages, bicycles are accessible to almost everyone, including children. However, it is important to note that at times accidents happen, and the results may be fatal, leaving you with either severe injuries or permanent disabilities. In either case, you’ll need to look for a bicycle accident attorney in Kent to lodge compensation claims on your behalf.

So, how do you pick the right bicycle accident attorney? You can use the following tips in doing so:


Experience is crucial as you’ll need someone who can reconstruct the accident scene as it was while making submissions. It would be best if you also had someone who has been in the game for quite a period and knows the right strings to pull so that you get justice.

Success rate?

When you are searching for a bicycle accident attorney over the internet, you’ll realize that most of them boast about higher success rates. Well, that one is great because at least you now have someone who can handle high caliber compensation wrangles. However, can you prove this? You can choose to ask your lawyer directly or dig more facts about the law firm.

Communication skills

Before you even meet up with an attorney, you’ve probably had a series of communication over emails, chats, and even phone calls. During such times, you should be able to gauge his communication skills. Moreover, when you meet physically for the first time, does he show eloquence and enthusiasm in his words? You don’t only need legal opinions but someone who will represent you accordingly in the capacity of a learned counsel so that you win the claim.

Legal fees

You are in to seek compensation that will indemnify you instead of benefiting you. So, why would a lawyer see an opportunity to gain in terms of legal fees in such a case? In other words, look for a lawyer who shows concern and care in terms of affordability. Please don’t mistake it for cheapness because attorneys are not average, but at least try to negotiate for reasonable legal fees. If a lawyer is open for negotiations on affordable legal fees, then you just got the right guy for the job.

Honest legal opinion

Finally, it would help if you settled on a lawyer who gives you nothing but honest legal opinions about your case. Does he see you winning? Is it worth going to court or negotiating on a round table? So, how do you know that he is giving the right opinion? If the attorney has solved similar cases to yours before, then he should give you the details and explain how he won or lose. If he is outstanding, then he should also link you with a past victim that he helped so that you hear from someone who had first-hand experience with insurance companies.

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