How Can SEO Boost Conversion Rate Optimization?

SEO Boost Conversion Rate Optimization

E-commerce business needs to give smooth and simple route offices alongside rich and educational substance to support their SEO endeavors just to draw in customers to their online store. For this, they also need the support of top eCommerce website builders. Along these lines, upgrading your site can help improve permeability just as increment traffic to guarantee that your guests convert into clients. Search engines additionally give improved rankings to sites that offer better clients experience.

For starters, SEO is more focused on improving strategies for getting better website rankings through link building, keyword placement, improving website structure etc. Thus, SEO allows you to get more traffic to your website while CRO helps to convert them into potential leads for your business. This indicates that both SEO and CRO rely on each other as there cannot be any sales in the absence of steady flow of customers. At the same time, call to actions alone cannot guarantee conversions without traffic coming to the website.

Let’s understand some of the concepts with the explanation which we’ve provided below:

What is conversion optimization?

The process of optimizing a website or landing page experience according to the behavior of the visitors which can help to enhance the desired action is known as conversion optimization. Thus, conversion optimization helps you to improve the functionality of your website while allowing to understand the reasons behind specific behaviors of visitors. In other words, conversion optimization can help in increasing the percentage of visitors to your website into customers or take necessary action on your webpage. Thus, higher the percentage, the better the conversion rates.

Tips to improve your website conversion rate using SEO

#1. Use search engine optimized content

A website which is rich in content can be excellent for SEO purposes including link building and helps to boost your website rankings. This means having content, which is useful, relevant and informative can attract targeted visitors to your site and turns them into potential leads to improve conversion rates. Additionally, content that allows to keep the visitors longer on your website has also greater possibilities of allowing them to make a purchase. It also helps to have variety in content to target visitors at different stages of the conversion funnel.

#2. Optimize your web pages

A good SEO comprises of relevant description tags such as heading tags, title tags, meta descriptions and alt text used for images. This is because search engine bots use this information to assess if your website is relevant to the search query provided by the user. Moreover, this can be helpful for your website visitors to easily navigate your website and find the required information easily and avoids less confusion. It enables visitors to make a quick purchase decision and determine whether to buy your products and leads to higher conversions.

#3. Make your site mobile friendly

Mobile friendliness is a key factor and a crucial website ranking signal which can help your visitors convert into customers. There are different factors that may need to be considered to make your site more mobile friendly including page speed, quality of content, website loading and browser compatibility. Thus, it’s important to have mobile responsive sites to provide better user experience with smooth and easy navigation provided to the visitors.

#4. Organize your website

Site navigation is one of the key factors required for both SEO and improving conversion rates. AT the same time, search engines must be able to crawl your website easily and understand the site structure. Thus, if visitors are not able to find what they are looking for on your website, they are likely to be distracted and turn to other websites resulting in higher bounce rates. You need to think from your customer’s perspective and assess if your website provides an intuitive navigation experience to your users and provides relevant information. If you think it’s missing, then it’s time to give it a serious thought and restructure your website to meet your users’ needs.

#5. Secure your website using HTTPS

Ecommerce websites that sell products may need to provide additional security for their website, especially those involving transactions where customers may need to share their personal details which might be sensitive. Besides, Google has added HTTPS as a ranking signal for websites which makes it crucial to buy SSL certificate for your website to boost confidence among your potential customers. Thus, if your website lacks this essential security feature, then there are chance that your website might lose its rankings on the search engine results page.

There are numerous options with cheap SSL certificate providers that offer different types of SSL certificates to suit your website needs. You can choose from different types of SSL certificates depending upon your site’s requirement.


There are many other factors that need to be taken care including site speed, using long tail keywords, improving internal links that can help in boosting your website conversion rates. You also need to check if your strategies are working and monitor them effectively to convert your visitors into customers effectively. Site security is equally crucial in engaging your visitors along with improving your SEO efforts for conversion rate optimization.

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