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Home Maintenance Tips to Save You Money

Home Maintenance Tips to Save You Money

Routine home maintenance can help prevent small problems from becoming big issues down the track. But it can be difficult to know where to start!

Read on for our tips on home maintenance to help keep your property in top condition and reduce the need for costly repairs.

Check for water leaks

Hidden water leaks can damage your property. They can lead to the formation of mould, mildew, and rot, attract termites and impact your home’s structural integrity. Check for water leaks frequently and fix them immediately.

Inspect smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

This tip is no brainer. Regularly inspect smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to check they are working. Push the front button on the devices. If the alarm goes off, everything is in order. If it does not, try replacing the batteries or get new devices installed by a reputable electrician.

Clean the drains

Make sure you regularly clean the drains in the bathroom and kitchen sinks and the shower and bath to prevent the build-up of debris and soap scum. Pull out the waste first and then use disinfectant to clean. Regular cleaning can help reduce the risk of a clogged drain and an emergency call to the plumber!

Inspect your home’s exterior

Get into a routine of cleaning out the gutters and inspecting your roof for damage, especially after storms. Clogged gutters or cracked roof tiles can lead to damaging water leaks.

Maintain the interior of your home

Make sure you regularly clean your home. Check the yourair-conditioning system and periodically clean and replace the filters. Check your electrical appliances to make sure they are in good condition and are working efficiently.

More money-saving tips

It’s a good idea to set some money aside each year for home maintenance. A maintenance fund gives you a buffer in the event you need emergency repairs, or to call in a professional to tackle jobs you can’t do yourself.

You can also save money over the life of your home by getting an annual energy audit. This can help you understand how you can reduce your energy use – and your bills!

Additionally, to lower your monthly energy expenses, consider switching to cheaper utility providers. For example, head over to a free website to compare electricity plans.

Final words

It is often tempting to neglect regular home maintenance, especially when life gets busy. But just as your car requires regular tune-ups, your home benefits from regular care too.

Putting some time and effort into maintenance can help prevent serious issues from occurring. And if there is a problem, you are more likely to see it coming, which means you can plan and budget for the repairs ahead of time!

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