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Griffin is trying its hand at brand new smart kitchen appliances and innovations

new smart kitchen appliances and innovations

Griffin Technologies is one of the leading electronics makers in the world. Recently, they have focused a lot of their attention towards the development of smart kitchen appliances. The developers and members of the company are always working to strive towards a smarter and more sophisticated kitchen space for the people. Griffin Technology has announced that they are developing “Empowered” appliances that will help the people enjoy a fantastic experience. Check out the latest Rotimatic Rotimaker which is the perfect appliance for those who want to eat rotis on a daily basis. It takes a few seconds to make the rotis, that too perfectly soft and round.

What’s Griffin planning to do in this industry?

We have come across some really cool and smart appliances and innovations that Griffin is working on. The first comes the Smart Toaster is Bluetooth enabled toaster which allows you to adjust the temperature of the device and create different presets from your phone easily. You can also choose how dark you want your toast to be. Second comes the Griffin Smart Coffee Maker. As you would expect, this device is integrated with Bluetooth system as well. From your smartphone, you can directly connect the coffee maker and adjust the coffee strength, quantity of water and the blend you want. Check more on rotimatic facebook page.

You will be surprised to know that both the toaster and the coffee maker are available for less than $200. This makes both the gadgets a much better deal because they can really help you to do your daily chores remotely from any area of the house. Since both the appliances are integrated with Bluetooth, you will be able to prepare your toasts and coffee every morning from bed only. That is why it is important to take a look at them and check if they are up for sale.dont forget to check rotimatic reviews before buying it.

But, the most intriguing and showstopper of all the products is the $1000 Wi-Fi integrated mirror. An absolute futuristic device which looks just like a mirror when you stand in front of it. As soon as you turn it on, you will be able to get 2, news and updates reports on the screen. You can also connect other Griffin apps and do a lot more things. Users will be able to customize the what information to be shown on screen, etc. You can even set an alarm on the Griffin Mirror.

All the updates come whenever you touch the capacitive screen of the Griffin Mirror. This tells us that Griffin is seriously considering to lead the kitchen revolution and provide the people with high quality products and make your life simpler.

Final Words – in the coming time, smarter techniques and appliances are going to be more popular in the world. Companies like Griffin have made sure that they provide affordable and smarter option to the people at all times. So we can look up to them for more such innovations. The Rotimatic Rotimaker is available on different online websites and you can purchase them whenever you feel convenient.

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