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Five signs you have spotted a professional plumber

spotted a professional plumber

In a world where anyone can create a website and social media accounts to proclaim that they are the best plumbers in the country, it can be challenging to find the real professionals.

There seems to be no ban or internet regulation to spot which plumber is a professional or which one is not. While the PUB or the government plumbing agency in Singapore provides licenses to qualified plumbing companies and plumbers, you cannot tell who among them truly works like a pro.

So in this post, we’re going to talk about our observations about the real professionals. Based on our experience as regular clients and customers for plumbing works, these are the signs and qualities that we regularly see in reliable plumbers who work professionally.

Timeliness and punctuality

One of the things we first look for in plumbers is their trustworthiness when it comes to the time that they arrive in the customer’s home. We are the kind of customer who are always making sure their plumber is always punctual.

Plumbing problems usually require immediate attention and solution, that’s why timeliness is very important in a plumbing professional. These days, everyone is so busy and we cannot afford a long time of waiting before something unexpected as a toilet bowl clogging or a water heater breakdown gets resolved.

We have seen punctuality and on-time arrival of the professional and reliable plumbers that we have worked with.

Licensed and insured

There are several reasons why the government certifies a plumbing contractor as licensed and insured before they start serving the public. They have to meet certain requirements in terms of reliability and quality service before they market themselves as pros.

For one, it is important that the company has the right tools, equipment and personnel before they are allowed to be hired as plumbing solvers. Secondly, it is important for a company who works on an integral home structure such as plumbing to have an insurance coverage.

This is a shield of protection for every client so that they won’t be left to themselves when a plumber from a company suddenly commits a terrible mistake. Some plumbing mistakes put the homeowner’s family at risk because it involves water supply inside the house. An insured plumbing company can be trusted to cover for these mistakes when the worst case happens.

A big pool of trained plumbers

If the plumbing company has a lot of trained and skilled plumbers in their pool, it’s a good indication that they’re doing business the right way.

The reliable plumbing companies that we know hire and thoroughly train lots of plumbers so they can cover a wider service area for their customers. If you will analyse it carefully, a reliable plumbing company with the right system in place will attract more professional plumbers to their team.

Multiple locations

As mentioned above, more trained plumbers in the pool of a plumbing company can be a positive testimony about the business. You can gauge a plumbing company’s number of personnel by the number of locations that they can serve. Those contractors that offer island-wide plumbing services and emergency help may have a large pool of plumbers in their team that’s why they can make such promises.

This can also translate to the reliability and length of experience of that plumbing company in the industry. If they have already established many branches within the whole country, it can also mean that they handle the business excellently too. Lastly, more locations can mean that the plumbers in a certain area are familiar with the plumbing challenges within the locality.

Great reviews

Word of mouth and genuine customer reviews are a good gauge of the plumbing company’s reliability. If they are doing a great job in serving their past customers, it can be an indication that they will do well when you hire them.

Plumbers who enjoy regular great reviews online and have gained popularity because of their high-quality service are the ones you’d like to hire for your home plumbing troubles.

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