Five key features of a successful business

Five key features of a successful business

Of course, a good business idea is required to launch a business. However, it takes much more than the initial idea to grow the business into a successful venture. In fact, many businesses with good ideas go out of business every year. The difference between those that go out of business and those that become successful is based on the fact that successful businesses tend to focus on a handful of strategies that help them stay alive. Although there are several of these strategies, they come down to basic principles of money, market, and people.

Financially prepared

Successful businesses are financially prepared in a variety of ways. The first way, of course, is that business owners have secured enough capital to support the business until it becomes profitable. This dry season, so to speak, will typically last for two years, but some successful businesses do not achieve profitability until the third or fourth year. The important point to note is that until the bottom line actually shows a profit, there must be enough money in the bank to support growth, pay bills, and issue paychecks.

The second way is that successful businesses are financially responsible. They have acquired their business insurance, which should include public liability insurance for trades. This type of insurance protects a business in the event someone is injured on company property or if other unforeseen events arise, such as an employee accidentally damaging someone’s property. In terms of accidents, successful business owners ensure their business is prepared.


A new business often starts with the launch of a new product, and many people that might eventually want the product do not at first know they even need it. Consequently, successful businesses pour a lot of money and research into building a market and educating potential customers on the benefits of a product. Without the ability to build a market, you must penetrate someone else’s market, which can be very difficult because customers are often already loyal.

In order to reach a market, business owners set aside enough funds for advertising or market research. They also remain engaged with social media and are able to connect with customers on a variety of fronts. Finally, they utilize their growing or existing market to spur additional growth, and they do this through testimonials and statistics that convey how many people are satisfied with their products and services.


Of course, no one builds a business by himself or herself. Successful businesses are headed by teams of core people capable of overseeing each individual aspect of the business. The team will include a variety of professionals that can oversee the business, personnel, or customer acquisition. Other founding members might include the following.

– business manager

– accountant

– lawyer

– marketing professional

– sales manager

– production manager

Often, some people will fill multiple roles, but each role must be filled by someone with experience, ambition, and drive.


Unforeseen events occur, and successful businesses are equipped to handle these events while continuing to drive sales and serve needs. For instance, if sales drop off in a retail store, a business owner might push online sales to compensate. If online sales drop off, there might be a need for delivery. If a product does not seem to be selling as well as its potential suggests it should, business owners can often redefine a product or accessorize it with another.

In any situation, a successful business owner will explore multiple options and choose the best option for the people and the business. Instead of just hitting a problem with the first apparent solution, most experts recommend that five to six ideas be brainstormed. This is exactly what top businesses do. They are then able to pick the best idea and implement it to the needs of the customers, the business, and the staff.

Tomorrow’s technology

Technology is something that gives any business an edge over the competition, and most successful businesses keep abreast of scientific and technological developments in order to streamline operations or improve current products. Many times, businesses stay mired in bad habits and comfortable technology, but doing so has a tendency to leave such businesses in the scrap heap. Even businesses using the most recent technology keep an eye out for new or improved ways to serve their customers.


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