Driving laws you should be aware of 2021: Stewart Miller Simmons Trial Attorneys

Driving laws you should be aware of 2021 Stewart Miller Simmons Trial Attorneys

2020 has challenged us in every possible way, but we fighters have faced everything like the brave Vikings, and here we are, getting prepared to welcome another new year. The changing world is shifting our perception about everything. We are gradually adapting to these changes. But how about being prepared for the changing driving laws of 2021!

So let’s have a rundown on these laws to avoid legal harassment.

Driving Laws of 2021: A Quick Look

Here are a few changing or already changed driving laws:

 Using the phone while driving

Are you someone who is always glued to your phone? Well, then you should be aware of the fact that it is basically illegal to call or text without using a hands-free when you are driving.

As per Stewart Miller Simmons Trial Attorneys, this law is going to be stricter in 2021. You may have to face a monetary penalty if you fail to comply with the rules. If you just let your phone ring for some time, you can avoid unfortunate accidents. So behave like a responsible citizen and abide by the rules.

Drinking in a motorhome:

Motorhomes are gaining popularity because it’s a flexible and sort of a brilliant option to explore countrysides. People prefer Motorhomes for a lot of reasons.

But with this increasing popularity, the cases of getting arrested due to illegal activities inside the motorhomeis also increasing. Now, what are the rules you are probably breaking? (knowingly or unknowingly)

Though there are many rules involved when it comes to motorhomes but most common are sleeping or drinking in the motorhome. You are allowed to do so only after you park your vehicle at a safe one. Or else, you may have to pay a hefty fine.

Here we are not focusing on general driving rules like parking your vehicle on the wrong side, charges in clear air zone, or drink-and-drive. Those rules are already there. Maybe they can be a bit stricter.

What should you do if you violate a driving law?

We all make mistakes. Though it is not okay to be careless enough to hurt someone or cause severe injury, no one can predict these. Being at fault in an accident is not an end of the world situation. If the victim has suffered injury and damages, then it is always a wise decision to compensate upfront. But if you feel like it’s a false claim or we cannot pay the full amount, you can consult with Stewart Miller Simmons Trial Attorneys. They are pros in this field and will fight for your interest.

All you need is to make the right decision at the right time. Delaying can actually cause more damage. Always remember, no matter who caused the accident, but it is everyone’s legal right to ask for a professional attorney. Know the law of your land and stay safe.

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