Doing Business in Auckland

Business in Auckland

One of the most challenging yet rewarding things to do in the modern world is starting a business venture. It takes a lot of grit, know-how, and financial muscle to successfully start and run a productive business, especially if it’s overseas. For entrepreneurs, taking advantage of opportunities that present themselves in the market is quite imperative, regardless of where they may be. Thus when an economy with as much potential as Auckland’s has room for your business, it’s important to have guidelines you can follow which will ensure it’s successful. Likewise, it’s also important to facilitate decent transportation to your new business premises. Fortunately, you can use Cathay Pacific to fly into Auckland from other prominent business districts of the world such as Hong Kong.

It goes without saying that the bottom line of any business is making a profit. However, there are other advantages that may influence the location of a venture. Since New Zealand has been ranked the best in terms of ease of doing business by the World Bank, you can expect to have some of these merits help your business grow. Moreover, with stunning beaches, two amazing harbors, and scenic islands, Auckland is quite advantageous to those with an entrepreneurial bone.

Advantages of doing business in Auckland

Peace of mind

You can rest a little easier knowing that starting a business in New Zealand’s most prominent metropolis wouldn’t be too tough. Although we can’t ascertain that your business will be free of any hiccups, setting it up here wouldn’t be as challenging as other places. Important aspects such as resolving insolvency and protecting minority investors were taken into consideration when the World Bank ranked this business utopia. Therefore, you can anticipate a favorable business environment in Auckland.

It’s a prime location

Auckland has the country’s largest airport in addition to two great harbors which means that the city is well connected to the world. This presents endless opportunities for businesses. The harbors are a great way to connect the people of Auckland to the open ocean through cruises. The shores of this coastal city have amazing sandy beaches as well that you can take advantage of. On top of that, these are also great places to relax and enjoy yourself away from the hassles of the corporate world.

Amazing business support

The Auckland Business Tourism Bureau prides itself on offering some of the best business support facilities in the world. They even offer free specialist event planning assistance to new entrepreneurs.

Off-site opportunities

Apart from the city’s main CBD, there are a number of islands and country sides that offer great business opportunities as well. There are numerous options to choose from if you’re looking to set up a business on the outskirts of town. For instance, there are many vineyards to the north and west of Auckland that provide suitable places to set up wineries and eating establishments.

Knowing the type of business that suits an area is vital before deciding to venture into it. For instance, it’d be unwise to start a farming retail shop in the heart of the central business district. Although you may get a few customers, the enterprise may fail to realize any profit, making it unsustainable. Similarly, it’s important to have enough information about the economy you’re trying to penetrate before choosing the venture you’d like to start. Luckily for you, here are some of the most profitable industries you can delve into in Auckland.

Areas of investment


With 55 percent of the total New Zealand ICT GDP coming from Auckland alone, calling it the technology hub of the country would be a gross understatement. The city undoubtedly has the best opportunities for tech companies and startups. Auckland also has a host of universities and research facilities that are spearheading the advancement of global technology. This will put you at the forefront of all the action and give you an advantageous position. This makes the city suitable for numerous ICT ventures such as cybersecurity, fintech services, and cloud services.


Aucklanders like to have a good time and the city provides countless natural features you can use to capitalize on this opportunity. With turquoise, sandy beaches, volcanic mountains, and a lot more attractions, the city provides a great space for hospitality companies and agencies. Hotels, cafes, and pubs are just some of the establishments that are likely to thrive in this corporate heaven.

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