Can Having Ants in Your House Be Life-Threatening?

Can Having Ants in Your House

We all have seen that ants’ line is moving through our home, including bedroom and bathroom. No matter how much time you clean your home, they enter your home anyhow.

Where Does So Much Ant Come From?

You may have already wondered how the ants arrived at your home since you are very careful about cleaning and don’t leave food out of the packaging. It turns out that these insects can enter the home through paper bags that come from supermarkets and bakeries, in cardboard boxes, or even on our shoes.

Also, they can walk long distances in search of food. That is, they can leave the neighbor’s house and reach their kitchen in search of a bread crumb in the corner of the sink.

Preventing this type of pest is not easy, fighting an infestation, even less. However, the biologist and technician explain that simple changes of habit can contribute a lot to ants’ species to give a certain truce.

Are They Dangerous and Life-Threatening?

Of course, they are life-threatening, and so we recommend hiring a local ant control company Brisbane, as soon as you locate them.

This harmless insect, you should not ignore them as they come with the contact of food, garbage, and debris, and they spread bacteria and fungi wherever they go.

They spread life-threatening diseases such as Typhus, Shigellosis, Dysentery, Salmonellosis, Gastroenteritis, and many others.

How to Eliminate Flying Ants?

In homes, ants can also appear at home that are of other types than the usual ones. Flying ants are usually born in the spring, a time when they lay special eggs. In the autumn season, with the new temperatures and after a period of rain, the flying ants usually leave the nests in which they are to found others. When this happens, the nest site may be close to your home and cause a plague of ants.

The good thing about flying ants is that they are not usually kept in groups, so to eliminate these ants, it should be enough to use a fly swatter or an insecticide spray. However, you have to be very careful since these ants can be at home to put their nest in it. So, it is advisable to remove them completely before they place their anthill.


A tip is to keep the wastebasket closed, and the food of the dogs or cats always clean to avoid the proliferation of the insect. Another tip is to place your pet’s food jar inside a plate of water.

In the case of infestations that are already underway, the solution is to carry out periodic control, with local ant control company Brisbane, who will observe the insects’ activity, identify the nests, and apply the most effective method to end the infestation.

Are they any home remedies to get rid of them?

Home remedies to eliminate ants are not effective since they will never be able to eradicate the colony. It is always advisable to search on the internet ant exterminator near me and contact a professional if you have ants in your home or business.

Once the foci of the plague and the access points have been identified, specialized personnel will proceed to carry out the treatment that, in most cases, will consist of the placement of traps inside the house, and the spraying of insecticide and/or the application of granules in the exterior areas.

If you have a problem with ants at home and want to contact true ant control specialist Brisbaneprofessionals to ensure that your home is free of pests, the best option is to hire a disinfection service.

With, you can hire your fumigation and pest control service and get any pest that may be putting your health and that of your family at risk. Ask for your budget for pest control and fumigation in Brisbane and reserve your service with thebest ant exterminator.


Whenever we see ants, we should be careful as they can be harmful to our health. These persistent insects can be difficult to treat, but the situation is not hopeless. There is a solution. Always seek professional ant control specialist Brisbane.

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