Brian Ferdinand: Why Stay In Corporate Housing During The Pandemic?

Stay In Corporate Housing During The Pandemic

You can’t wait to take a break from your remote job or virtual schooling and finally leave town for a few weeks. But you can’t help but to wonder how safe it is to travel right now. Specifically, how can you be sure that the temporary housing you book is sanitary enough to keep you safe during the current global pandemic? Here’s a rundown on why you should choose corporate housing to enjoy a safe trip this fall, according to travel and business expert Brian Ferdinand in a recently released article.


According to Brian Ferdinand, the managing partner of SoBeNY, corporate housing is a top choice for travelers during the pandemic because it makes social distancing easier for guests. After all, they can simply meet the housing firm’s greeter and then enter their chosen apartments. As a guest, you don’t have to wait in a potentially crowded hotel lobby to obtain your unit keys. Likewise, you don’t have to wade through a large throng of people in other hotel common areas, including hotel restaurants.


As you search for the right corporate housing provider, be sure to look for one that promotes maintaining a distance of six feet or more between parties. In addition, look for one that requires or encourages employees to wear face coverings during their interactions with the local community, staff, and guests. In fact, it is best for corporate housing providers to minimize such interactions by instituting no-contact procedures for checking in/out Brian Ferdinand explains.

Also, note that many corporate housing providers are trying to avoid scheduling guests back to back to keep from spreading the coronavirus. If they do have to schedule stays in this manner, it is imperative that they schedule a day between guests, as this will ensure that they have plenty of time for appropriate disinfecting and cleaning. Guests should not be on the premises when any maintenance or cleaning is completed, either.

In addition to checking into a potential corporate housing company’s cleaning protocol, be sure to ask the company about its cancellation policy. As a general rule of thumb, it’s wise to choose a company with flexible and generous policies for cancellation; in this way, if you begin to experience COVID-19 symptoms, you can cancel without issues.

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