Best Tips to Prepare for CISCO Certification Exam

CISCO Certification Exam

No matter whether you are a beginner or a trained network engineer, it is beneficial to crack one or more of the CISCO certification exams for a brilliant career ahead. Besides the zeal and aspiration, the key to the success of your career is the right preparation for these examinations. When it comes to preparing for CISCO certification exams, it means better time management, focus, commitment, optimism, and engagement.

According to an article published on, online certification is the road to a promising career because it takes less time as well as means learning without breaking your bank. Here are some of the top tips to prepare for a CISCO certification exam:

Make your learning organized

Once you have all the required study materials, it is time to organize your learning. It means going through books and notes daily. Build your learning strategy and the one that best works for your needs. You can put your plan on paper and then follow it religiously. When it comes to CISCO certification exams, good time management and organizational skills play a crucial role in the learning process.

Plan the months very carefully so that you are more into studies and cover all the study materials in an organized way. Cover two chapters a day, do a little lab work and listen to a video or so. Once you have a proper plan in place, you can monitor your progress and study systematically. Stick to your plan and you will succeed in your CISCO certification exams.

Create notes

Though preparation for your exam involves much reading before you sleep at night, you will come across new information that you will forget. Therefore, make notes so that you do not forget the essential points. Make your notes easy to remember by marking and underlining the key aspects of the course.

Make it a habit to prepare notes and learning, at the same time, to decide which points are important so that you focus on them more. It will make your learning process simple and effective.

Maintain a notebook and pen down additional information in your own words while reading study materials, doing lab work, and watching videos. It is essential that you remember what you have learned and therefore, do not undermine the importance of study notes.

Practice makes perfect

The best way to prepare for CISCO certification exams is by attending as much as practical lab sessions. You can use GNS3 and CISCO Packet Tracer to prepare for the exams successfully. Practical experience matters a lot because you will learn to deal with the challenges faced by a network engineer at the workplace. The theoretical study only helps in preparing for your exam, while lab practice gives you an idea of the real-world problems and solutions. You need to put your theoretical knowledge into practice, which is the most interesting and best part of your learning method. Master the key skills such as configuring, subnetting, as well as troubleshooting.


Now that you know how to prepare for the CISCO certification exams, take the plunge. Hard work and commitment will help you qualify as a network engineer.

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