Best Practices For Using A Forklift At Your Warehouse

Warehouse Forklift

Warehouse operations involve the use of various machines and equipment that proliferate productivity and performance. Most businesses have dedicated planning and budget to purchase machines such as locomotion vehicles, buy forklift seats in Australia, etc.

However, these machines are only as good as their operators. It is mostly on the people behind the wheel that determines how smooth your ride is going to be. While most of this equipment is easy to use and comes with a straightforward step-by-step guide, the operators must follow the instructions meticulously to avert accidents.

A forklift is one such widely used machine that finds applications in various industries. To ensure a safe and smooth operation, here are some best practices that you must follow while working with forklifts.

Apart from operating forklifts to raise and lower the loads, the most crucial part is to mount and dismount the machine. It is one of the most vital steps for all sorts of forklifts, even including a pallet jack with a low platform. A lot of injuries are attributed to mounting and dismounting. Some common mishaps include the following.

  • The operator lands in an awkward position while stepping off a forklift.
  • The operator got some loose clothing stuck to the forklift while getting off and falls.
  • The operator does not get the right foot grip and slips while stepping off.
  • The operator takes an upper-body injury as he slips on the floor while still holding the handhold of the machine while dismounting.
  • Best practices to safely and smooth mount and dismount a forklift

Mounting and dismounting a forklift are critical to safe operations and must be done only in the procedure recommended by the manufacturers.

Most manufacturers recommend a three-point contact method that requires you to have a firm hold either with two feet and one hand or one foot and two hands. You must always face the forklift, just like you climb up or down a ladder, and avoid hopping to minimize the risk of injury.

The following points summarize the best practices you must follow while working with a forklift.

  • Always face the machine
  • Never jump off the vehicle
  • Ensure the three-point stance while getting on or off the machine
  • Wear shoes that are non-slippery and oil-resistant and are certified for such operations
  • Wear clothes that are not loose or jewelry that does not dangle
  • Check the traffic around the machine
  • Make sure there is no debris or fluid on the floor that can lead to a slip

Even if you are cautious while mounting and dismounting, accidents like tripping over can happen. For that reason, you should also compulsorily wear the seat belt and follow the steps in case the unexpected happens.

  • Never forget to wear the seatbelt
  • Never attempt a jump, even if you see a rollover coming
  • Keep your feet firm on the floor of the vehicle and hold the steering tight
  • Lean your body away from the direction in which the machine is rolling
  • Replay these tips in mind and practice miming them so that you can master the safety practices. Forklifts often trip surprisingly and require rapid reflexes to ensure safety.
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