Best Gadgets to Improve Writing Skills

Gadgets to Improve Writing Skills

Writing skills are essential in the framework of any profession. Today, there are a lot of technological innovations people use to improve these skills. Students no longer have to go to their parents and ask them to “write an essay for me, please” or “pay someone to write my essay.”

Technological improvements help students and professionals present essays without grammatical or spelling errors. So once you need to write your thoughts down, many gadgets can make the process much easier.

Here are our top picks of gadgets that can help you improve your writing:

1. Huawei MediaPad M5 Tablet with a Stylus

Although this tablet may seem a bit pricey, it’s worth the money if you know how to use it. The stylus helps you take notes and even write articles using efficient apps like MyScript Nebo – they can recognize your handwriting and convert it automatically into a digital script. This tool can really make writing and all your digital communication much faster and easier, especially when you’re not at your desk. In addition, if you use a tablet, you can have a writing app, such as Microsoft Word, in one window, and in the other, a website or research notes from which you get the information.

2. Qwerkywriter Keyboard

Inspired by a typewriter, this keyboard can connect to your digital devices, including your smartphone, via Bluetooth. Made for professional typists, the Qwerkywriter has a built-in integrated tablet stand that can comfortably accommodate up to 10.5-inch screens. Professionals who work for essay writing services will appreciate the speed and accuracy this device has.

3. Rocketbook Erasable & Reusable Wirebound Notebook

Can you imagine a notebook that never reaches the last page and serves you forever?! It seems to be a dream come true in the digital age, although it feels like a traditional notebook (its pages are made of exceptional material). If you have an erasable pen, like a Pilot FriXion, you can write with it as you would in a conventional journal. But after you run out of space, you can wipe it clean in a matter of seconds using a moist cloth. This is a great way to write because you no longer have to buy another notebook. What’s more, you can sync the device with all your online accounts like Google Drive and Dropbox.

4. Livescribe Pens

As a smartpen, the Livescribe pen features a matt-black finish completed by a glass-reinforced clip that looks luxurious and practical. As you write on paper, the text appears immediately on your smartphone or tablet. In fact, it’s a tool that transfers your words and thoughts to the digital world. The notes you write become more useful, since they are organized, tagged, or converted to text. This is an excellent tool if you work with or run creative writing services.

5. Language Translation Devices

These gadgets provide real-time translation and interpretation between you and speakers of other languages. They are two-way and can translate English into different languages and vice versa. On average, it takes about 0.3 seconds for such a device to translate text or speech, which is much faster than using an electronic dictionary. The majority of these gadgets work over a hotspot or WiFi connection. The number of languages that these magic tools translate ranges from 6 to 106.

6. Grammarly

While not being a physical tool to use manually, Grammarly is a web-based platform dedicated to improving your writing skills in English. It lets you create grammatically and semantically correct sentences. So if you’re thinking, “I need an essay written for me,” try doing it yourself with some help from Grammarly.

Grammarly’s natural language processing engine can detect more than 250 sorts of English blunders, which other applications like Microsoft Word might not correct. It also suggests synonyms for the words you have chosen to improve the context. Since this app is available for web browsers too, you can make Grammarly edit all of your social media posts, emails, or any other content created from your web browser.

7. Electronic Dictionaries

Dictionaries are necessary for students and writers, but most of them are heavy and difficult to carry. Luckily, there are many free apps, such as WordWeb, that you can easily install on your laptop or mobile phone. There are also some other apps like English Dictionary that can be downloaded from the Google Play store.

1. Bottom Line

Technology can help people be efficient and innovative in their professional and academic endeavors. If your job requires writing a lot of content of any type, using these gadgets can help perform your tasks more efficiently, faster, and without mistakes. Many content agencies and legit essay writing services rely on these technologies to deliver better services to their customers, and so should you.

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