Best DIY Outdoor Movie Video Projector Screen

DIY Outdoor Movie Video Projector Screen

Who won’t love to have quality time after a long, tiring day? We all deserve alone time to pamper ourselves. And watching a movie is something we all enjoy.

Especially if you are out for a movie, the fun element doubles. Like drive-in movies were so popular back then. But today things have changed a lot.

People now prefer to stay home and enjoy time with friends, family, etc indoors. Even then you can have an experience like outdoor theaters at home. Projector sets are one such example that can promise you entertainment indoors.

For further details, you can read Outdoor Projector Screens Reviews. But today, we are here with some DIY movie projectors for you all. So now, in no time you can create your own projector at home and enjoy.

1- Carl’s Blackout Cloth

The top-quality and best-selling product in the market is Blackout Cloth. This projector screen is pocket-friendly and needs no extra efforts. You can set it up with ease without any stress.

Made with premium-grade fabric, the screen offers a quality projection. Unlike other projector screens in the market, this one has a matte white surface.

The gain of 1.0 diffuse light in every direction and provide a clear image. So you can enjoy the video from all angles. Further, this screen is an ideal choice with perfect color and clarity.

In a dark environment, you can enjoy the quality image. The material is quite sturdy and goes well with a wooden frame. It stretches out without tearing or losing up.

2- VonHaus DIY Projector Screen

Next, on the list is another high-grade DIY projector screen. For fun indoor nights after hectic days, nothing else can be a better option. Either you look at the material, set up or price, it is an optimal choice from all aspects.

This projector screen comes with a matte white coating on the surface. Also, it has a 1.0 grain so the resulting view is perfect from all angles.

It is specially made to be compatible with various projectors including DLP and LCD. For further ease of usage, you can mount the screen with any sort of frame.

The sturdy fabric can stretch well to offer a clear image. It has crease-resistance along with water-resistance and anti-static features.

3- Carl’s FlexiWhite Projector Screen

After a long day at the office or school, or at weekends, we all love to relax a bit. Kids especially want to have a crazy fun time with their friends on holidays.

And nothing can be a better source of relaxation other than movie night. So this DIY projector screen is an ideal choice for you all. You can set it up on yourself almost anywhere in minimal time.

Made with premium-quality 100% PVC, the screen offers durability, portability and much more. This projector screen offers a clear, crisp image quality.

Either it is HD, 4K UHD or active 3D, the projector is best for all types. The bright matte surface comes with a grain of 1.1 to promise a quality display. You get a perfect, balanced video in all directions and angles.

Even in a dark environment, you can enjoy the movie without any tension. For ideal results, you can opt for a wooden frame as the fabric can stretch to max.

How to set up the screen

You can follow up on these easy steps to set up any DIY projector screen in your home, backyard or anywhere.

  • First, you need to layout the PVC pipe horizontally and vertically so it forms a rectangle. Then place the elbow connectors on top and T connectors on the bottom corners.
  • Connect these connectors together so you get the frame. Lay down the projector screen/sheet. Next, cut out corner piece from all sides of 3”*3”.
  • Then over each edge fold 3 inches. Start from the top, go towards the elbow and disconnect it. Slide the pipe from there and slip the shorter side on vertical length.
  • Connect the elbows again and repeat the same process on the other side too.
  • You are all set to enjoy the movie night.


We hope you will find this article helpful and would be able to set up your own projector screen. For further queries, feel free to contact us.

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