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The Second Coming

Since the arrival of Covid 19 earlier in the year, there has been onslaughts of further bad news and difficult alterations and compromises to one’s situation. Considering the initial reaction to self-quarantine as being relatively positive and cooperative, it’s clear that after blighted governing and unclear instructions from the leadership in UK, on top of the second coming of a new wave of infections, the winter ahead is not feeling positive.

The new normal still takes some adjustments but perhaps the biggest challenge is to find ways to genuinely normalize the experience so that one doesn’t feel they are sent to an eternal exile of domesticated incarceration. Considering that some are in this exile with their loved one now for well over 7 months under strained conditions, there might be tensions arising as a result. Rather than ignore it and distract oneself through work or mindless entertainment, it might be worthwhile to engage with your partner and set up date nights again.

Mocktail Making Love.

Ayden Hector is a mixologist and sociologist who has written a new article for Sober October entitled Mocktail Making Love. Considering the month of October to be officially the end of summer and the road to winter begins, it’s worth considering one’s companions that join you on your journey to the hibernating months ahead. October has recently become associated with abstaining from Alcohol and it’s to this end that Hector sets out his premise for better living.

Mocktail, or Non-Alcoholic cocktails provide a perfect scenario for a date night indoors with your loved on. Since the rise of alcohol consumption has risen as a result of the boredom of self-quarantine, Hector explores and implores couples to reduce their alcohol consumption and look to fruit juices to enjoy together on a date night.

The Heart to Heart is a Mocktail to be shared. Served in a large vase rather than a tumbler, it mimics the infamous romance of lady and the tramp. Most importantly though, its ingredients are libido stimulants and have cleansing properties to the blood and enable circulation. Perfect for couples.

Ingredients for the Heart to Heart.

Fresh Juice- carrot and ginger juice 35ml,

Pick up a decent fresh juice from an up market supermarket. Carrot and ginger is one of the best since it provides the tang and freshness on the palette whilst acting like a stimulant to the senses.


Aromatic bitters still provide the best ingredient to any cocktail. A few splashes give the drink a depth and range of tastes on the pallet. Angostura still provide the best version of this.

Blood orange soda

Another upmarket soft drink that’s well worth it is the health enhancing Blood orange soda. With only natural sugars and made fizzy with sparkling mineral water, it’s gives the drink a passionate deep rouge whilst cleansing the palette.

Crush mint

On the sprig, bashing some Mint will release the scent of mint and infuse through the whole drink and serving with an additional sprig presents a beautiful contrast of green flash against the pink of the drink.

Mix the first two ingredients onto a bed of ice and dilute with the Blood Orange Soda, stirring with mint. Serving in a large vase will provide a romantic setting where the drink won’t get you drunk but the healthy components will stir your passions.

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