An Essential Guide to OmniCure s2000

Guide to OmniCure s2000

OmniCure s2000 is recognized globally for leading in bonding systems and has light-cured adhesives. It’s a unique UV spot curing system. It offers control, repeatability, and power needed for high-speed manufacturing assembly and is automated. It has a lamp with 200 watts, which has a guaranteed lifespan of 2000 hours. If it’s used together with an R2000 Radiometer, its results are unparalleled. It has a unique design and can comply with RoHS. Its PC software is flexible and can be operated through computer-control.


Fast Shutter Activation Time– Its trigger shutter’s activation latency is 50ms in PLC mode

Downloadable StepCure Software– The multiphase cure profile downloaded can be customized and can be done directly to the system

200-Watt Lamp– It has an output of 30W/cm3 and a guaranteed 2000 hours lifespan

Intelli-Lamp Technology– It monitors the lamp hours and keeps it cool

Two lamp options

Closed-Loop Feedback– This technology ensures that energy doses are measured and repeatable frequently. This is an advanced technology and boosts efficiency.

Light Delivery– It can adapt to 4 options of various light guide, using a single source to cure multiple sites

Flexible Spectral Output– Makes it suitable for several applications. The user can customize the light according to the application through filters in a selectable bandpass.

OmniCure R2000 is combined with the UV curing system and provides a complete curing system in a repeated manner.


  • Lower costs in operation despite its uniqueness
  • By selecting edge or level modes, it provides trigger signal flexibility
  • The downloadable StepCure allows for customization of multiphase cure profile directly to the system
  • Its control of the output is precise
  • A tuck-free surface cure is made possible by the acrylic adhesives in the superior lamp technology
  • Has an automatic repeatable curing process.

Technical Specifications

  • Lamp: It has a high pressure of 200 watts and mercury vapor.
  • Lamp life: The lamp’s life is guaranteed 2000 hours that makes this curing system effective. It allows the curing system to work longer.
  • Filters: The available filters are the standard filters that range between 320-500nm and an optional filter that ranges between 250-450, 365nm, 320-390nm, and 400-500nm.
  • Panel Controls: The panel control contains power On/Off, Adjust Up/Down, Display Mode, Lock/Unlock, and Start/Stop buttons.
  • Panel Displays: The panel displays have an exposure time of 0.2-999.9 sec, an accumulated lamp usage, warm-up/lamp on, irradiance level of 0.2-40W/cm2, an iris setting of 0-100%, shutter/ lamp error, calibrated and light guide detection.
  • Warm-up Period: It’s a typical 4 minutes UV spot curing system
  • Power in: It’s 100-120 VAC or 200-240 VAC and 50/60Hz. This boosts the power needed by the curing system.
  • Power Supply: It has a switch mode, high efficiency, and its line isolated. The user can easily control its power supply according to the application needed.

The OmniCure s2000’s advantages are numerous, and that’s why it’s used globally as a UV spot curing system. Its technical specifications are unique and improve its efficiency. Though there are other OmniCure systems, it’s the most remarkable of its kind. Besides, it is among the best techniques to use due to its efficiency, primarily its superior technical specifications.

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