A Tunisia: People Angry At The Wedding Ceremony In The Cemetery


A wedding ceremony was held in a cemetery in the North the African country of Tunisia, which angered the people.

According to media reports, a wave of grief and anger has erupted in public and religious circles after a wedding ceremony in a cemetery in the eastern governorate of Tunisia went viral.

On the other hand, the Prosecutor General termed the incident as a desecration of the cemetery and announced an investigation.

A video that has gone viral on social media shows some people gathered in a cemetery in Tunisia and the wedding ceremony is underway, with drums beating and people dancing.

Also, in the video, women can be seen dancing and singing in the cemetery. People are sitting on graves instead of chairs in the cemetery. Following the release of this video, there has been widespread public outcry and outrage.

Commenting on the video, local social worker Waseela al-Hammami asked how a wedding could be allowed in a cemetery.

The cemetery took place at Al-Wali Al-Saleh Syed Jaber in the area of ​​Burj Al-Ras in Mahdia Governorate.

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