A Look at Which Civic Services Should be Available Online

Community Services

As technology advances, more and more civic services are moving online. This makes it easier for citizens to access these services and complete tasks like paying bills or registering to vote. However, not all civic services have moved to the internet, and some may not be offered in a way that is convenient for citizens. In this blog post, we will take a look at which civic services should be available online and how they can be delivered in a convenient way for citizens.

Community Services

The first category of civic services available online is community services. These services include recreation centers, neighborhood watch programs, and anything related to schools or libraries. These types of services should be available online because they are often specific to individual neighborhoods or communities.

That means that there may not always be a physical location for these services nearby, so citizens would not access them easily. By making these services available online, citizens can still receive the benefits of these services without physically traveling to a location for them.


Another category of civic services that should be available online is licensing services. This includes things like driver’s licenses, marriage licenses, and professional certificates. These types of services often require face-to-face contact in order to serve the needs of citizens. However, when they are offered online, this can remove the inconvenience for citizens who live far away from the licensing office or who do not want to go through the process of getting a license.

Marriage and business license applications should be available online because this makes it more convenient for citizens who do not live in the same state or city as the licensing location. People can also access the license paperwork easily from their home or office instead of traveling to a physically distant location.

Voting and Elections

The next category of civic services available online is voting and elections processes. These services include voter registration, requesting an absentee ballot, and election day procedures. This type of service should be available online because it makes it easier for citizens to register and submit their votes.

The difficulty with this type of service is determining exactly how much information needs to be included in each application or registration process. One solution may include having a link on the actual ballot that allows citizens to access an online form. This would enable the voters to have all of the necessary documentation when they cast their vote.

Land Management and Development Processes

The next category of civic services available is online island management and development processes. These types of services include things like building permits, zoning requests, and property tax payments. This type of service should be available online because it makes it easier for citizens to verify whether or not they are in the correct location to make an application. It also makes it easier for citizens to submit applications because they do not have to go to a building and request the services physically.

After looking at these different civic services, it is essential to note that not every service needs to be made available online. Through extensive research and analysis, what needs to be determined is which services would benefit most from being made accessible online.

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