A Guide to Reoptimizing Old Content for SEO

Reoptimizing Old Content for SEO

Google loves fresh content. It shows that the company is serious about providing new information to the target audiences. Most content with fresh details ranks higher on search engines. However, there is old content that already proved to be a huge success. When first published, it garnered lots of views and ranked really high on the search engines. Other old content didn’t necessarily rank high, but it contained relevant information. Breathing new life into old content, regardless of popularity, could be an excellent tactic. Reoptimizing them could help in the SEO efforts. While it’s tricky, the best SEO companies can help. These are some of the most common strategies employed to reuse old content and make it popular again.

Identify the content to recycle

The content with the highest likelihood of success when recycled is the option that already met success before. People loved the information obtained. They also thought it was unique and helpful.

Another standard to consider is the availability of fresh content. Some old but popular content isn’t perfect for recycling since there’s nothing new to add. If re-published, it won’t contain anything new. Google doesn’t like duplicate content. Instead of becoming more popular through a higher ranking, the page gets pushed down. Review all the previously published content to determine which option would be good to recycle. There are also some analytics tools available to help decide what to publish again. However, some people also consider publishing old content that wants popular upon release. The reason is that there could be tons of additional information that makes the page ripe for reconsideration.

Consider publishing old content as a different material

An old article that became popular can be alive again but in a different form. Instead of tweaking an old article, it can be a YouTube video. An old video can end up as content for a new Podcast. Be creative in using different materials so they appear to be new content.

Use the same URL

It’s a mistake to use old content by publishing a new one under a different URL. It can get published under the same link. As long as the publication date is different, Google will view it as fresh content. It will then have a higher possibility of ranking well on search engines. Furthermore, creating similar content published with a new URL will make the website compete with itself. It confuses Google’s algorithms and prevents the newly published content from ranking high.

Don’t copy the entire content

Even if the new content gets published by the same website, Google might still view it as plagiarized content. Of course, plagiarism is a big no in SEO. Google will penalize these pages by pushing them further down the rankings. There are excellent strategies to reuse the content without publishing it as the same. Start by researching new information relevant to the previously published content. There could be new statistics available or results from new researches. If related to politics, there might be breaking news or new legislation that may drastically change the status quo. Updating the content with this new information will sit well with Google. Readers will also appreciate that they’re getting the latest information.

The new content might even be more relevant

Another reason for reusing old content is that the company might have related products and services that potential customers will find useful. Back then, people came to read about useful content. Now, they will open the link and find an exciting offer towards the end. As a result, regular readers can become active customers. They may also be useful in directing readers to other informative content or materials like new videos and podcasts.

To make the content even more relevant, it helps to use infographics. People find them relevant and easy to understand. Others don’t even have time to read the entire content again. However, they can still get something good out of the infographics. They’re also easy to share for potential readers to see. Infographics are popular across social media platforms which helps in increasing online visibility.

Delete old content

While breathing new life to old but popular content is great, some of them don’t deserve to exist anymore. They take up too much space. They’re not helping in the SEO efforts and would be better off when removed from the website. The same is true for duplicate content.

Try to retarget the keyword

The previous content became popular when optimizing a different keyword. If there’s a plan to reuse the content, it can happen under a different target keyword. Using different tools, it’s easy to determine which keywords to target. If the content became successful in ranking high using a different keyword before, there’s a good chance that it will happen again. Secondary keywords might also be a part of the fresh content to help boost the ranking.

Use content from old e-books

Articles aren’t the only sources of information that are perfect for reuse. It might also come from old e-books. Take some excerpts from the e-books and repurpose them as new content for the website. It won’t only help boost the page ranking but also in the promotion of the e-book. Some people might still find the e-book relevant, and there was too much effort given in creating it. Instead of wasting it, it makes sense to repurpose the content.

The best SEO companies will be there

If it’s still confusing to decide how to reuse old content, it’s not a problem. The best SEO companies can find a way. They understand the use of all content and make it useful again. They also have other SEO strategies that can help the website become more visible online. The problem is that reusing old content can easily be confusing. There’s a chance that Google will penalize the website for not reusing the old content correctly. The experts working for the agency will plan how to approach the situation first and think of ways to make the most out of the old content.

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