9 Travel Essentials For Every Solo Traveler

Every Solo Traveler

Planning a solo trip to a brand new destination is exciting but requires a lot of planning. It’s different than partnering up with someone to go on an adventure.

You only have yourself to be responsible for which can be amazing – but it also means you’ll need to be extra cautious and plan ahead.

Here are 9 travel essentials for your first-ever solo vacation.

Invest in a Good Wallet

No matter where you’re going, you’ll inevitably need somewhere to hold your money and identification. If you’re traveling internationally, you’ll need to bring your passport along, too. Invest in a quality leather wallet that will keep your most important items secure.

The Perfect Travel Bag

What you’re doing will determine what type of luggage you’ll need. If you’re taking a backpacking trip through Southeast Asia where you’ll do a lot of hiking, it might be better to have a sturdy, classic backpack.

If you’re taking a luxury vacation to Greece or the hills of California, check out smart luggage. They’re the perfect size for carry-on items at the airport and even include the ability to charge your phone.

Laptop Bag

Many people work remotely which means they can become digital nomads. However, it also means you’ll need to bring your laptop with you on your trip.

If your backpack doesn’t offer a safe space for your laptop, you’ll want to consider purchasing a smaller laptop bag. Besides, it’s handy to have a bag smaller than the primary luggage you brought. This way, you can use it while you’re out exploring a new city.

A Water Bottle

Water can be incredibly expensive at airports and clean water isn’t always easily accessible in certain regions of the world. You’ll definitely want to buy yourself a durable, leak-proof, and BPA-free water bottle to take with you.

Comfortable Sneakers

Traveling involves a lot of exploration and sightseeing. You might be tempted to bring your favorite pair of heels or floppy sandals, but it’s not always conducive to what your Solo Travel plans involve.

Before you leave for your trip, trust us when we say you’ll want to buy a pair of comfortable sneakers. Your feet and knees will thank you after a long day of walking.

Waterproof Jacket

The weather isn’t always predictable. Be prepared to face whatever elements come your way by having a waterproof jacket readily available. Nice ones are usually lightweight which makes them incredibly easy to pack without taking up too much space.

Portable Power Charger

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to take a picture or look up directions, only to find out that the battery on my phone is dead.

Having a portable power charger is a real game-changer when you’re traveling. It keeps you safe, whether you’re out hiking in the mountains or running around a busy city. Furthermore, you can read our article on the website to know about traveling, resorts, and destinations.

Mini First-Aid Kit

People often forget about the importance of having a mini first-aid kit with them. You might get a blister on your foot from walking around all day or wake up in the morning with a slight headache.

Band-Aids, antibiotic ointment, or some extra Advil can make all the difference as to not ruin your day with a minor inconvenience.

Reusable Bags

Whether you’re heading to the grocery store, doing a little bit of last-minute shopping at the airport, or are walking over to a beach near your hotel, it’s always helpful to have an extra reusable bag. Plus, you’ll be helping the environment by not wasting any plastic bags.


It’s easy to overpack when you’re a solo traveler. You want to make sure you’ve thought of everything you could possibly need since you’ll be alone.

As long as you prepare ahead of time and have luggage that’s conducive to your travel needs, you can always buy what you’ve forgotten once you arrive at your destination. Plus, it’s a fun excuse to go shopping. If you’re looking for some guidance, then take a look at the website This website provides information on different destinations around the world. Some of the top travel destinations include Hong Kong beaches and Miami Road Trips.

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