3 Awesome Destinations for First Time Solo Travel

3 Awesome Destinations for First Time Solo Travel

The whole experience of traveling solo is captivating and gratifying. One delves into the world in the manner they prefer and not tied by family customs or restrictions.

A solo trip lends you the freedom to socialize. You can skip the crowded tourist spots for enthralling activities like rock climbing, trekking, scuba diving, or whatever you like — Just live to the fullest!

Are you planning for a vacation all by yourself? Yeah! Here, we’ve rounded up three amazing destinations that have plenty of natural sites to see, adventure sports, savory foods and drinks, and not to mention, welcoming people. Visit this website for further details regarding air travel, resorts and destinations.

Why wait or hesitate, scroll down and get acquainted:-

#1 Thailand

Wow, Thailand came as a huge surprise to you, right? But, Thailand — the Land of Smiles — has bagged its top spot for an assortment of reasons.

First, is the majestic panoramic views of nature while you comfortably recline on the beachside, reading a book or sipping your favorite mocktail.

Second, the optimum weather to try adventure sports like surfing. Also, the nightlife of Bangkok, the capital of Thailand is energetic and intriguing.

You can have so much fun on your own, visit the templates for a meditation retreat, play with the elephants, connect with the locals to understand their vivid cultures and traditions.

Go scuba diving, try delicious local dishes like Tom Yum Goong or Khao Pad — you’ll fall for the heavenly selection of their spicy dishes with aromas that have the uncanny ability to hypnotize anybody.

Compared to tourist hotspots such as Paris, Sydney, or New York, Thailand is a budget-friendly destination for solo vacationers.

#2 Japan

Japan is an exceptional blend of culture and modern lifestyle. The locals are organized and polite; it’s safe out there for solo travelers — listed in the top ten safest places on earth in a 2017 report.

The country of hard-working people stands out in terms of culture and traditions, the latest technologies, delightful food, and just about everything, right from the museums to the night clubs here.

Japan has plenty of beautiful places that must be included in your itinerary. From stunning waterfalls, ponds, to bamboo forests, with marvelous shrines and temples, the list goes on and on.

It’s pocket-friendly and convenient to travel around as public transportation is efficient.

In case, you are a bit anxious or somewhat concerned about boarding your first long flight, alone, to Japan; then, it’s best to do some homework and conquer your fear of flying first with an online course.

Gain insightful information to face your fear of heights or anxiety before you set off alone for air travel. For more information, Google it and find how it works and what it costs?

#3 Iceland

Iceland is gorgeous, and perhaps every outdoorsy person’s dream.

Did you know Iceland is the safest country in the entire world, bagging this award for several years in a row?

With a small population, Iceland is one big neighborhood, where people are friendly with one another. Here, almost everyone speaks English, so unlike Japan, there won’t be any language barrier.

Iceland is also one of the few places over the map where one can witness the wonder of the northern lights. If you’re lucky, you‘ll get to witness the full mystical view of green lights on a clear winter sky.

A trip to this splendid country is incomplete without taking a dip in Blue Lagoon’s steamy water; you’ll come out of the spring emerging as a new person. The silica-rich and sulfur water is known to delay the onset of the signs of aging with its natural healing powers.


To make your first solo trip memorable, follow a few simple rules.

Firstly, know your budget and then filter down preferred vacation destinations.

Secondly, consider buying travel insurance to safeguard yourself against all kinds of mishap possibilities in a foreign land.

You must pack light, so you can easily travel around without a big burden on your shoulders. This website also provides information on different destinations around the world.

And, most importantly, avoid leaving your hotel room when it’s dark outside.

Stay tuned for more on this!

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