8 Creative Tips for Writing a Eulogy for a Loved One

eulogy for loved one

In a time of grief, it’s difficult to know how to express the bereavement you feel. You may find yourself struggling for things to say at a eulogy or going blank with the fear of forgetting someone important. The best way to get started is to write down whatever comes to mind first. You can use notes to jog your memory. After writing out a few things on paper, go back and edit. There is no right or wrong way to write a eulogy after the death of a loved one. Here are a couple of writing prompts that will help you get started.

1) Remember Funny Moments

This is your chance to share memories and stories about your loved one that will make guests laugh and smile.

2) Share a Letter

Write something you would want them to know if they were looking down from heaven. It might be as simple as a love letter. For example, you could write something along the lines of “I miss you and am thinking of you always. I hope that wherever you are that God is taking good care of you, and I am with you.”

3) Write about the People in Your Lives

This is a great way to tell those left behind how special people were in your loved one’s life. Include those close to your loved one, such as children, parents, siblings, or friends.

4) Tell Stories

Remember their favorite stories from years ago? Now’s the time to share them with everyone present. You can make anyone laugh saying something like, “Mama was so funny when she told us about her childhood. She was not always the best student in her classes, but she had a way of making everyone laugh. She never forgot to tell us this story, “I remember one day I was making chocolate chip cookies. They were so chocolately. I ran over and showed my teacher, and she said they were perfect.”

5) Share a Favorite Poem

This can be read after the service, during the service, or both. If your loved one had specific poems meaningful to them, include one in their eulogy.

6) Tell a Story about How They Made You Who You Are Today

Everyone has someone that influenced their life for the better. This can be a story about how your loved ones made them feel better about themselves or if they were there for them when they needed someone to talk to.

7) Tell about Their Strengths

There are many admirable things about your loved one, and we could write down a list of them. This can help you remember all the good things that you would like guests to know. It is an excellent way to honor someone special in your life.

8) Tell the Story of Their Last Day

You will want to write out the events leading up to their death, but this is unnecessary. You can tell the story of their last day in their own words.

In summary, the essential part of a eulogy is that it comes from the heart. You can make your loved ones proud by expressing how much they meant to you. Do not be afraid to express your feelings for them in front of guests. After finishing a eulogy, you will feel like a huge weight has been lifted off your chest. It can be very therapeutic as we can finally grieve. Finally, keep in mind that it is okay to re-write and edit your writing until you like what you have written down.

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