8 Budget Friendly Honeymoon Destinations

8 Budget Friendly Honeymoon Destinations

There are very few things in this world that feel as gratifying as a honeymoon. After months of stress, anxiety, and juggling of countless responsibilities, you finally get the opportunity to escape the real-life problems and take your spouse on a romantic journey to some distant location. Sounds beautiful, right? Well, it is, but there is one slight problem – all the costs related to the wedding usually leave little room for some overly luxurious journey.

But, the lack of funds doesn’t have to mean a lack of imagination. Let us take a look at some of the best budget-friendly, romantic locations around the world.


Safely tucked away on the shores of the secluded Adriatic Sea, Croatia has only recently gained worldwide fame, mostly thanks to being heavily featured in Game of Thrones TV show. But, that burst of fame takes nothing from the fact that Croatia still has a largely untapped Eastern European charm that successfully combines Slavic heritage with a heavy dose of Roman culture and Mediterranean influences. And it’s still very affordable, so you can pull off your romantic marine escape on a budget. You’ll find Croatia among the top destinations for Europe tours.


The Maldives is probably one of the most famous tourist locations in the world, and for a good reason too. The country features stunning nature, great cuisine, extraordinary marine life and a unique culture that combines Sinhalese, South Indian and Arab influences. And all these delights come with a very affordable price tag. Exciting nightlife and secluded exotic beaches are there to spice things up for all the young pairs that have just made their marriage vows.

New Zealand

If you and your spouse consider yourself a nerdy pair, you’ll hardly find a better country than New Zealand. Common, who can say no to a honeymoon in a Hobbiton? But, the romantic potential of this far away country doesn’t end here. Just rent a car from some company like Avis car rental and you will get a whole slew of excursion options that range from remote mountain tracks to swimming with dolphins. The country’s territory is relatively small, so all of the attractions will be easily accessible.


Sure, Cuba had its share of troubles, and its current geopolitical status tends to make customs needlessly complicated. But, if you are ready to bear with these two minor problems, you will discover one stunning Caribbean country where nature is amazing, nightlife thrilling, locals friendly, cities vintage, and rum reigns supreme. Whether you want to explore this country’s exciting history, try the best tobacco in the world, or simply rent bikes and roam the countryside, Cuba has something in store for you.


On first glance, this isolated country mostly known for harsh climate and volcanoes doesn’t seem overly romantic. But, what if we try to enrich this first impression with beautiful nature, excellent cuisine, romantic seaside villages, warm pubs and remote mountain cottages (fireplaces included)? Yeah, now we are talking a completely different story. Plus, the locals are super friendly and prices acceptable, so getting around the island shouldn’t pose too big of a problem.


Besides the obvious name similarity, Ireland shares much of the same appeal as Iceland. Essentially, you get all the same things but spiced up with a heavy dose of excellent beer, romantic music, and Irish party spirit. Still, we have to give a special shout-out to Cliffs of Moher as one of the most iconic and romantic travel destinations in the world. Other famous locations like Trinity College in Dublin and scenic villages come awfully close but can’t quite knock the king of the throne.


Being completely cut away from the rest of Europe by Spain gave Portugal a certain level of pleasant obscurity that prevented the country from becoming a pristine tourist destination. That is actually great because this affordable lure comes hand in hand with endless romantic possibilities. Just imagine lively and colorful Mediterranean coastal towns, the most underrated wine in the world, beautiful fado music, and an endless string of vivid historical sights all waiting to be discovered by you and your spouse.

Arizona, USA

Finally, let us not forget the United States, or to be more prices, the state of Arizona that makes a perfect destination for all the couples that like to spend their romantic time on the feet exploring nature and stunning vistas. And it doesn’t get any more stunning than the Grand Canyon and Havasupai Native Reservation, right? Another great thing about Arizona is that, as of lately, the local authorities have invested quite a lot of money into tourism while the prices remained very affordable. Yum.

So, there you have it – eight incredibly romantic destinations you can use for your budget-friendly honeymoon. We hope some of them will end up on your final wish list or at least spark an idea of your own. The most important thing to take from this is that spending a good time with the person you love doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Once you move this issue off the table, you will be limited only by your imagination.

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