7 Underrated Dubai Honeymoon Spots

7 Underrated Dubai Honeymoon Spots

Speaking of traveling to Dubai, many tourists immediately imagine the Burj Khalifa skyscraper, camels, and shopping centers, which the metropolis is famous for. But in this vibrant, cosmopolitan, and distinctive city, there are many secret cultural and gastronomic places. Welcome to Dubai, which you certainly didn’t know about!

Hatta Heritage Village

The originality of local traditions can be seen in the historical and ethnographic village of Hatta, which seems to bring you back to the past, showing what the villages in Dubai were just a few decades ago. The village, which is located in the heart of the Hatta mountain region in Dubai was opened in 2001 after a thorough renovation. It is located about 100 kilometers from the city center. Here you can see the life of a traditional village surrounded by mountains, authentic objects, sculptures, illustrations. As you can see, Dubai can be one of the best places for vacations for singles over 60 too.

Alserkal Avenue

This place is very securely hidden from people. This alley is located in the heart of the industrial zone. Outside, it’s completely unremarkable, but if you go a little deeper into the hangar rooms, you will see many mini-galleries and shops with original goods. Expositions can be found at any time, and they are constantly changing and updated. There is even something like a workspace (a two-story room where creative people come to work).

The Jam Jar Art

Artists of all countries unite and go to the Jam Jar. This art community helps creative individuals to develop, and at the same time, contributes to the formation of the art environment of Dubai. It regularly hosts events dedicated to various types of art, including cinema, music, theater, and much more. This community also launched the first public drawing studio in the Middle East, where anyone can give free rein to their creativity and create their own masterpiece on canvas.

The Collective

In the Al Quoz area, there is a very unusual place where you can discover new facets of shopping. In its creation and replenishment of the assortment are involved artists, trendsetters, and craftsmen from different regions of the UAE. Together, they are responsible for ensuring that The Collective presents cutting-edge trends, promising brands, and innovative ideas, including, for example, vintage-style bicycles, handmade leather goods, and even woven rugs.

XVA Hotel

It is inspired by the historical heritage of the region. Guests who come here find themselves in a unique setting filled with traditional architectural and cultural motives. This hotel is located in the center of Al Fahidi, one of the oldest districts of Dubai, famous for its colorful maze of narrow streets and proximity to the Dubai Creek bay.

Ras al-Khor Wildlife Sanctuary

To the surprise of the unenlightened public, right in the middle of the modern metropolis, there is a real corner of the wild. The number of species of birds, animals, and insects presented here is difficult to calculate precisely because of the large number of migratory birds. But on average, there are about 180 species. Among them, the most striking and popular is, of course, pink flamingo. Fantastic photos and a sea of ​​emotions are guaranteed.

Flower Garden

The garden of miracles really works wonders: here, from the simplest colors, unusual landscape figures are created. On an area of 7 hectares, you can see dozens of different compositions in which about 100 million flowers are involved on average. Inverted houses, waterfalls of flowers, rare cars as if by themselves overgrown with flowers, sculptures, and incredible flower beds grow right there.

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