7 Marketing Strategies That Will Help You Expand Your Brand on Instagram

That Will Help You Expand Your Brand on Instagram

Instagram is the youngest of all the social media networks and still, it offers you a powerful opportunity to make yourself heard. With more than 1 billion active users per month, it provides a great marketing platform on which you can connect with a lot of potential customers all over the world. It has been found that about 80% of the users follow at least one business account.

To flourish your business on Instagram, you must work on ways to increase traffic on your page by expanding followers and boosting engagement. This is important because the more the number of people associate with your brand’s page, the larger will be the audience that will reach you potentially every time you post something.

Here are 7 easy marketing tips that will help you in growing your brand on Instagram.

Don’t post too often

You must post often enough in order to make feel your presence, but not so often that people get irritated with your account and ultimately unfollow you.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any such posting formula that can guarantee to work for every brand. You need to experiment on your page with different posting techniques and determine which works best for your targeted audience.

If you are using a business profile you can make use of the data from your insights to know more about your followers. You can also experiment with the ideal time of the day to post. Once you obtain the correct time slots your work doesn’t end. You must regularly optimize your post frequency as your follower count increases.

Make use of the free Instagram tools

When using Instagram to promote your business, then you should switch your personal account to a business account. Instagram provides a complete business profile with all the call-to-action features. It also allows the users to email, call or text the account.

Instagram Insights is an extremely useful feature by which you can analyze the behavior of your followers. These business tools are very beneficial and using them can improve your content and engagement.

Cross Promoting

If your brand already has other social media profiles such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, you can promote your Instagram posts all over the other profiles and invite more followers.

People who follow your brand on other social platforms must obviously be interested in your products. You can invite them to your Instagram page and present them with another way to interact with your product.

Engage with your followers

If someone makes a comment on any of your posts and appreciate your products, you must acknowledge with a reply back irrespective of the length. A simple ‘thank you’ can also turn your appreciator into a loyal customer or even a potential promoter.

Also, you must try and find ways by which people can interact with your posts. For instance, you can invite people to tag their friends who might like or relate to it the most. This will multiply your audience, increase real views on your profile and finally increase your brand visibility.

Repurpose content from other relevant accounts

If you can’t come up with enough innovative content then you can repurpose photos and videos from other accounts who have similar content. Just make sure to give them credit for the posts by tagging them in the photos.

This technique is useful as other accounts may also think about returning the favor by repurposing your posts on their page thereby bringing you audience.

Bring in creativity

Instagram is such a place where people come to enjoy and chill. If your posts are dull and not fun enough or if you are plainly advertising your product, people are less likely to follow your brand page.

Try adding a bit of humor to your captions or go for innovative captions that highlight your product over others. Even if your product has nothing to do with humor, you need your posts to be attractive.

Make an interactive hashtag

Hashtags are one of the most popular features of Instagram. You can create an interactive hashtag for your brand and encourage your followers to post their photos with your product along with your created hashtag.

When the friends of your followers see them using your product, they are more likely to follow your brand and trust your products more. This way you will get free advertising.

These were some of the tips which if implemented with utmost competence can help you gain a massive following on Instagram!

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