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6 Hidden Benefits of Using Natural Gas on a Residential Property

Using Natural Gas on a Residential Property

Natural gas is colorless and odorless; combining it with an additive gives it a recognizable smell. It’s also non-toxic and lighter than air. If there’s a leak in your home, the gas will spread out across your house before dissipating into the atmosphere rather than building up to potentially dangerous levels.

Most people use power and water in their homes, but only a few use natural gas as an energy source. Gas is one of the most convenient and efficient energy sources because it provides heat, light, and hot water and acts as cooking fuel. It is also cleaner than electricity because you do not have to worry about emissions.

Gas is affordable and reliable for almost any home. It is an environment-friendly source of energy. Here are the benefits of using natural gas on residential property.

1- Reliability

Natural gas is the most reliable source of energy for your home. The average home has at least two appliances dependent on gas, such as the heating system or stove. The chances that these appliances will break down are low if you use natural gas.

2- Affordability

Compared to other sources of energy, gas is cheaper than electricity and even renewable sources like solar panels. Using natural gas to heat your home instead of electricity can save you up to 30 percent on your energy bills. A natural gas furnace costs less than an electric furnace because it produces more heat for the same amount of money. You’ll also save money by not purchasing oil or propane tanks every year or worrying about running out of fuel. Gas is also more reliable, especially during extreme weather conditions when other sources may fail due to overuse or bad weather. Natural gas will help you save money because it burns quickly, thus releasing more heat that can be used in your home per unit of fuel consumed compared to other fuels like wood, coal, or oil.

3- Less Maintenance Needed

When compared to electric heating systems, forced-air heating systems powered by natural gas require much less maintenance every year. There are no moving parts on a furnace or boiler that use natural gas as the fuel source. There is no need to have an electrician come out every year to adjust belts or change filters, saving homeowners money on routine maintenance costs over time.

4- Can Be a Better Long-Term Investment than Electricity

With natural gas costs remaining relatively stable over time, switching from electricity can save you money on your monthly utility bills for many years to come.

5- Makes Room for More Technology

Electricity can only carry so much information at once. Still, natural gas can have both electrical and data signals simultaneously. You can use more smart home technology if your home uses natural gas instead of electricity to run appliances and other devices.

6- Cleaner Air

Natural gas is a clean-burning fuel that does not release particulates into the air when it is burned. The burning of other fuels in heating systems can leave soot residue behind and contribute to poor indoor air quality. Natural gas also burns more efficiently than other fuel sources, which means less pollution from incomplete combustion.

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