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6 Essential Reasons to Considering Moving During the Summertime


Statistics indicate that more than 15.3 million American families averaging 2.3 family members move every year. Surprisingly, 60 percent of the 15.3 million American families move in summer during the months between May and August. The cumulative graph of growing relocation trends among American families in summer has been linked to varied factors. The following are core reasons many people choose to relocate during the summertime.

1- Favorable Weather

The summertime weather supports the smooth movement of heavy-duty trucks mostly used in relocating families. The not-so-hot summertime weather offers a favorable environment for homeowners and movers to safely pack and transport their belongings. Besides, summertime does not come with the heavy snow and cold winter weather that could make it hard to relocate. In other words, you won’t be dealing with slippery sidewalks, cold weather, and icy roads common in wintertime.

2- Enough Labor Support

One challenge homeowners face when relocating is finding enough hands to help them pack and unpack the contents of their homes. In summer, the schools are closed, and many college students and high school graduates are searching for part-time work to earn some money. Moving companies will also have more spots available for customers. Therefore, moving in summer means having enough workers to help you pack and move those heavy furniture pieces and boxes.

3- Does Not Pose a Challenge to Learners

Summer poses a minimal challenge to the happiness and learning of kids. Since schools are closed in the summertime, relocating means that your kids will have enough time to interact with the kids in the new location and make new friends before the schools open. Besides, you won’t have to transfer your kids to a new school mid-year, affecting their learning.

4- More Homes are Available for Sale

The real estate market is more dynamic in the summertime, and thousands of homeowners are ready to sell their homes. The cumulative buyer interest pushes more homeowners to purchase more homes during summertime. Besides, most lease contracts expire between June and July, meaning it’s the best time to relocate. Whether leasing or purchasing a home, summer is the most appropriate time.

5- Summer Work Schedules Are Relaxed

Offices experience laxer within June and August. Workers are less pressurized to meet end-year goals, and everything is a bit cool and relaxed. It’s easier to get an off from work during this time to relocate.

5- You Can Sell Your Home for a Higher Price

More homes are offered for sale during the summertime, and lots of buyers are looking for new homes. Choosing to move from your old home and purchase a new home means that you’re likely to sell your old home for a higher price and get a new home for a more favorable price.

These are core reasons the world has recorded a growing trend of homeowners relocating during the summertime. The summer weather is favorable, and conditions are good for supporting smooth relocation experiences. Leave your moving needs to a qualified team and avoid the extra costs and risks associated with moving.

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