5 Ways To Meet New People When You’re Not As Young As You Used To Be

5 Ways To Meet New People

It’s no secret that it’s a lot easier to meet new people when you’re young. Whether it’s through school, University or starting a new job, the world is rife with opportunities for making friends when you’re in your teens and twenties. But as you get older and life gets a bit more ‘routine’ it can seem a little tougher to meet new people, let alone make genuine friends.

So if you’re struggling to meet people, here are five ways to help get you out there and make new friendships.

1) Join a sports team

Whether it’s soccer, rugby, netball, hockey, bowls or cricket, joining a sports team is a great way to meet multiple people with a joint interest. You don’t have to play competitively or even be particularly good to play a team sport. If you actively look for the opportunity to join a team, you will find many different leagues for people of all skill level.

Or, if team sports isn’t really your thing but you like the idea of socialising whilst exercising, the same principle applies to gym classes. Whether it’s a weekly gentle yoga session or a full-on body-pump class, you can kill to birds with one stone by exercising in numbers.

2) Get online

No, we don’t mean online dating (unless you want to). Meeting people online these days is a lot easier than you think. There are endless groups on social media channels like Facebook for example that can bring people together based on shared hobbies or similar locations. You can also use this method to track down old friends and schoolmates who you may have lost track of.

Of course, when it come to meeting new people online, make sure you use some common sense and stay safe. Don’t give out personal or sensitive information. Stick to reputable websites and sources and if you’re meeting new people for the first time, make sure you’re in a safe public space, preferably with another person you know and trust.

3) Join a club

Social and entertainment clubs are a fantastic way to bring communities together. Whether it’s by being a regular at the bar or in-house restaurant, or taking advantage of social events like bingo and chess, joining a social club like Dooleys club opens up so many opportunities for you to meet new people in your area.

4) Share your hobbies

A great way to meet like-minded people is through your hobbies. If you enjoy running, why not sign up to a marathon and join a local training club? Love camping? Head to campsites and get talking to your neighbours. Great at chess? Join a chess tournament in your local area. Whatever it is, find a way to enjoy your hobby with other people.

This is a particularly good option if you’re a bit shy or struggle to make conversation with new people. By combining your existing hobbies with your quest to meet new people, you already have a topic of conversation you know plenty about. There will be no need to find common ground because you already have it!

5) Volunteer

Got a lot of time on your hands but not quite sure what to do with it? Why not volunteer at a local charity? Whether it’s helping to feed the homeless, looking after animals or assisting meals on wheels programs, you can meet new people by helping others.


Meeting new people might seem more daunting as we get older but it certainly isn’t impossible. With a proactive approach and a positive attitude, you can unearth endless opportunities to socialise and make new friends. Just focus on your hobbies and don’t be afraid to get a little bit out of your comfort zone.

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