5 Types of Commercial Storefront Glass Doors

Commercial Storefront Glass Doors

If you’re a store owner, you’d know just how important your storefront is. It’s the area that you use to draw people into the store! That means that having the right type of storefront is crucial to your business. Now, although most storefronts look like they’re made of just regular glass, that’s usually not the case because regular glass isn’t very secure. There are several types of commercial storefront glass doors that you can use to showcase what you have inside the store and keep the store as secure as possible. In this post, we’re going to be going over 5 of our favorites!

  1. Clear Glass
    Clear glass is the most commonly used glass you see used in storefronts. These are the ones used in clothing stores or any type of store where you want potential customers to be able to clearly see into the store. It helps give them an idea of what you have inside and can convince them to come in! If you want to showcase what you’ve got inside, this is the type of glass you should use in your storefront!
  2. Coated or Frosted Glass
    While a lot of businesses want to exhibit what they have going on inside, there are some that don’t!If you’re running something like a spa or a dental office, your customers will need privacy and you have to take a few extra steps to ensure that they get that! For businesses like this, it’s better to get a coated or frosted glass. This way, you can still have your logo and everything etched into the glass, can maintain some transparency, and still, make sure that no one can easily look into the space. It’ll give the passerby’s just enough to be interested in what’s inside and still maintain the privacy of your customers!
  3. Insulated Glass
    If your store is in an area that has a lot of temperature changes, extreme summers or winters, it’ll mean that you’re racking up massive bills as you try to heat up or cool down the entire store. This may seem like a problem that you’re stuck with, but it’s actually not. There are a few ways you can deal with temperature fluctuations and one of them is by getting the appropriate glass for your storefront. Something as simple as getting insulated glass can help trap the air inside your store and keep the air outside, out. It lets you maintain the temperature inside easily and ensures that your heating and cooling bills stay as low as they possibly can!
  4. Plexiglass
    Plexiglass is much more durable than regular glass. This is something that will rarely crack and it comes with UV protection coating and can even be coated with different tints and other coatings if you prefer, which makes it a type of glass that can easily be customized according to the specific needs of your store. These would also work really well if your storefront needs to have things like aquariums or you just need to put the glass in a unique location like an odd sunroof, plexiglass would be the best option to go for!
  5. Security Glass
    If you’ve got valuables inside your store, you have to make sure that everything is protected whether you’re in the store or not. Now, you can’t exactly board up to do this, it won’t make for an inviting enough store! A great way to go is to get security glass instead! These are super strong, are sometimes even bulletproof, and give you the peace of mind that your store will always be safe!

If you still can’t decide which glass would be the best for you, call a professional like NYC Glass Company, to come and check your store and suggest the best type of glass for you!

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