5 Tips for Making a Promo Video

Making a Promo Video

Every sharp brand today uses video content to get noticed by their consumers. There may be a wide range of video formats, but promo videos are more often used to bring attention to a product, launch a product, or make an announcement about the product. Understanding the procedure of making a convincing promo video will ensure you get long term returns on your investment.

You can learn more about promo videos at, and within a period, you’ll be able to understand what your audience is looking for and be able to create good quality promo videos in high returns, cost-effective manner.

Tips for making a successful marketing video

  1. Know your target audience

For your product to succeed, you need first to know and understand your target audience. Mirroring your desired prospects helps to deliver the best of your product to your market.

  1. Aim for quality

Studies show that viewers are less likely to return to a site if the video’s quality was poor. What will set your video apart from the rest in terms of quality are the equipment such as the camera used, video editing tools among other things. You also need to think about a compelling storyline that speaks to your audience.

  1. The introduction is everything

If you weren’t as convincing in the intro, don’t expect viewers to keep watching your video. You need to make a video that can easily grab the attention of someone who was quickly scrolling through their Instagram feed.

  1. Set a pace ahead of the rest

For your promo video to reach the targeted number of people, you’ll need to set yourself apart from the rest. There are plenty of ways to do so. These include the use of humor, suspense, using the shock factor or even making a gripping offer to the customers or viewers. You need to differentiate yourself from other brands with the same product or with different products from yours. Just be creative.

  1. Create a sharing strategy

Set up a YouTube channel for your company and always upload any promo videos you make there. You can also share the videos via any social media platform such as Facebook and Instagram. You can also use QR codes to link the videos to print collateral, such as business cards.


There is little chance that your first video will be a massive hit, but you can always learn from each experience to create better content for your viewers and audience. With each video, you can learn and refine your art in the process.

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