5 Things You Should Know to Plan an Awesome Surf Trip in Costa Rica

Plan an Awesome Surf Trip in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is considered to be one of the best-surfing destinations in the world. Popular platforms like the Travel Channel regularly include it in their lists of the most preferred surfing destinations in the world. And there are very clear reasons for this inclusion.

Costa Rica has over 780 miles of beaches. This allows you to experience some of the most spectacular sunsets and enjoy the most happening beach-celebrations across the globe. Costa Rica is also blessed with having great access to two major oceans – the Pacific and the Atlantic.

So, before you get welcomed to the paradise of surfing, here are 5 things you should work on to plan an awesome trip to a surf camp in Costa Rica:

1. Stay in a Luxury Surf Resort.

This might as well be the best tip of all. But, staying in a luxury surf resort will take care of all the potential challenges you can imagine to face:

  1. Uniform Point of Contact Being in a Central American country can be a challenge if you don’t speak the local language, are not aware of the local customs, and don’t have enough knowledge about geography. All of this can be mitigated if you are staying in a luxury surf resort since you will always have someone available at a just a call away.
  2. Easy Access to Information Getting access to information does not mean you have to Google each and everything. ‘What is the best surf camp in Costa Rica?’, ‘Which is the best beach in Costa Rica?’ – and many other popular questions will be easily answered if you are staying at a luxury surf resort.
  3. Close to Good Surfing Spots The special emphasis is on ‘good’ and not just ‘popular’. Good surfing spots will have the right mix of incoming waves, and less crowd at the beach. Most good luxury surf resorts are established from walkable distance to a good surfing spot.
  4. Comfort with Phenomenal Views Since it’s a luxury spot, you will have access to all the comfortable amenities. But, you would also have a guaranteed great view. That is the charm of a luxury surfing resort – it has to be around a surfing spot and hence, you will have access to great views!

2. Understand the Weather.

Understanding the weather in Costa Rica will help you plan your trip properly. Primarily, the country has two major seasons – the wet monsoons and the dry season. Wet Monsoons last from May to November. During this time, you can expect heavy rainfall pretty much all day long. However, this is also the time when Cost Rica’s seashore is populated with humongous waves, liked by professional and semi-professional surfers. If you want to have the thrill of riding a major wave, then this is the season you should opt for. You will find a ton of seasoned surfers on the beaches during this time.

The dry season, as the name suggests, does not have equally heavy rainfall. You can expect sunny days and breezy weather, in line with the cool winds coming from the Pacific Ocean. While the weather is soothing, the waves are not as big as you would have in the Wet Monsoon. However, even the beaches are not as populated as the surfing-heavy season. If you just want to enjoy Costa Rica with some surfing shimmered in your plan, this is the season you should opt for.

3. Costa Rica is Equally Good for ‘After-Surfing’ Activities.

Costa Rica has a lot to offer, other than surfing. You can visit Tamarindo or Playa Jaco to experience the partying culture. Or, you can go to one of the guided-geological tours and witness the tropical climate in its full glory. There’s also the Santa Rosa National Park for the people seeking adventures in hiking, bird-watching, and walks through a forest.

4. Travel as Light as Possible.

All the international flights coming to Costa Rica are comfortable. However, if you plan to be on the move and want a better experience – it would be better to travel light. You can avoid the surfboards as there are plenty of rental spots near every surfing destination. Carry your essentials, skincare, passport, medical records, and a safety kit. For everything else, your luxury surfing resort can take care of things!

5. Bring Your Friends and Family.

While the glamour of the lone surfer sounds good, it is always recommended to have some watch you as you surf. That has nothing to do with showmanship; it helps you ensure that there is someone who can send help in case you need some. Besides, Costa Rica has so much to offer that your friends and family members will definitely find their own piece of treasure while you have fun riding the glorious waves!

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