5 Reasons Why You Need a Custom Mouthguard

Custom Mouthguard

If you ever watched a boxing match or a hockey game, you can see why an athlete should use a mouthguard. The truth is that anyone who plays a sport, whether at the professional level or a pick-up neighborhood league, could benefit from the extra protection for their teeth and jaw. Even children and teens who skateboard or do gymnastics are at risk for an oral injury, which is why custom mouthguards are as important as other essential sports equipment and protective gear. Here are just five reasons why a custom mouthguard can make a difference when you play a sport.

Avoid a Knockout

Over 5 million teeth are knocked loose or lost each year during sporting events, making it more a question of when, not if. Using custom mouthguards is recommended by the American Dental Association for all contact or collisions sports, and even every major sports organization requires their players to wear them.

Comfort Is Key

Getting a custom fit can make your mouthguard more comfortable than if you go with a boil and bite guard you can get over the counter. While they may be less expensive, they do not provide the same level of protection, and they may even irritate your mouth when you use them.

More than Just Teeth

Losing a tooth is a serious concern when playing sports, but you could suffer other oral injuries that can cause problems. Cuts and abrasions may make your mouth tender, and you can also bite your tongue, which can be quite painful. A custom mouthguard protects the soft tissues in your mouth as well as your teeth.

Make It Personal

Mouthguards can all look alike, and if you and your teammates take them out or set them down, you may not know which one is yours. Custom mouthguards are more than just a custom fit; you can get yours personalized with your team colors or logo to make it more fun and spot it easily on a bench or bag.

Take a Deep Breath

Some athletes may be concerned that their air flow could be compromised by a mouthguard, but a custom fit and design assures easy oxygen flow. You don’t need to worry about breathing deeply or not getting enough air to perform at your best when you wear your custom guard.

Get Fitted Today

As you can see, custom mouthguards check plenty of boxes for oral health and safety when you participate in sports. They are also cost effective, especially when you factor in the expense of dental work after an injury. Isn’t it time you got a custom mouthguard for yourself or the athlete in your family.

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