5 Industries that Use Metrology


Have you ever asked yourself about the number of sectors that usually gain from metrology? Well, metrology is the study of scientific measurements and weight. The term is usually confused with meteorology, which is the study of weather.

According to different studies, metrology can be traced back many years ago. However, the modern technology being used currently came about after the French Revolution. In the past, people would use different techniques to weigh and measure items. The goods being measured were meant for trading purposes.

There are currently three types of metrology: scientific metrology, industrial metrology, and legal metrology. In this article, we’ll look into the major industries that usually use metrology.

  1. Industrial Metrology

Industrial metrology usually encompasses numerous organizations. For instance, a firm that deals with the production of oil & gas, beverages, and cleaning products usually relies on metrology. Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, metrology has become common in different sectors. The main focus is on the ability to measure amounts in a precise manner.

  1. Metrology in Business

In business, metrology is used to measure growth and trends in various economic markets. Such measurements usually influence the cost of certain products and services. For instance, firms that usually deal in the production of cereal foods normally raise and lower the amount of cereals they produce to ensure the products are of good quality. Metrology also comes in handy when measuring distance and time.

  1. Scientific Studies and Research

Currently, scientists are using sensitive equipment to conduct research while also studying the universe. When dealing with large pieces of data, computer scientists usually utilize metrology. Telescopes have also gained from metrology instruments that are advanced. In labs, chemists also use metrology to ensure they have mixed different solutions accurately.

  1. Legal Metrology

Legal metrology is the ability to apply legal requirements when measuring different equipment. It is safe to say that legal metrology is used to understand the limitations of technology and the environment. For example, car manufacturers need to determine how far the vehicle can go before it can run out of gas. The number will be calculated in terms of gallons consumed for a certain distance.

  1. Mining

Mining operations are challenging to some extent, and precision measurement should be utilized in such a sector. The traditional methods used in the mining field have proven to be limited in terms of the volume they can cover. The skillset of the operator also matters. Portable 3D metrology and innovative solutions, which include laser trackers, ensure the inspection process is fast. Such solutions are also traceable and reliable as compared to traditional methods.

Different mining applications usually gain from forms of technology such as the laser tracker, and they include the alignment, inspection, and rebuilding of the pulleys, bearings, and conveyor idlers. The laser tracker is also suitable for aligning and inspecting equipment such as ball mills and railcar dumpers.

Metrology Today

Metrology can be traced back to the era where kings ruled over kingdoms. The practice would be used to determine the length of a yard. Whether you realize it or not, you use the science of measuring knowingly or unknowingly. Through metrology, there is consistency in the products and services that are currently available in the market. Metrology ensures that some of these products are ethical, which means each product being produced needs to be of the same size. Two people should not purchase the same product at the same price, yet the amounts are different. Each time the ingredients for cooking are measured, we are practicing metrology. As long as measurements are involved, metrology will always be useful.

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