4 emergency service contacts you must always have in your mobile phone

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No matter how independent we are, we all need a helping hand now and then to ensure the smooth running of our life.

While you can always ask your friends to help you out, some tasks are better completed when left to expert’s discretion. That said, you must always have a few emergency contacts saved in your phone for desperate times.

Are you wondering which services would that be? We have the answer for you! Take a look at the post below for some valuable insights.

1. Cleaning services

Do you have your in-laws coming over to stay for a few days or weeks? But is your home ready for their welcome?

If not, then you need a whole team of cleaners to give your home a quick cleanliness makeover.

From carpet cleaners and pressure washers to floor cleaners and window cleaners, hire the leading experts to help you with every aspect of your cleaning needs. They have the best equipment, cleaning solutions, and skills along with expertise in time management. So, while you cook an enticing meal for them, the cleaners will thoroughly clean your entire property.

2. Mobile mechanics

Did your car bail on you in a deserted area? Well, whether you are alone or have company, a broken-down vehicle can be a big hassle, especially with no one in the vicinity. And this is where professionals like mobile mechanics come into play.

Mobile car mechanics understand that car issues come unannounced, and with the lack of necessary aid, the driver and passengers might have to face bigger problems. That’s why several companies offer mobile car service in their area where the mechanics come to you for your rescue.

If your vehicle has a history of such incidents, then save the best mobile car mechanic service’s number in your phone right away.

3. Electrical and plumbing expert

Whether it’s a short circuit at 2 AM or your house is flooding due to a broken water pipe, such emergencies call for the assistance of industry experts.

Since both electrical and plumbing issues can’t be dealt with lightly and demand immediate remedies, we suggest you save the contact details of a plumber and electrician for such emergencies. After all, even the slightest carelessness with your home can lead to more significant troubles.

4. Locksmiths

Are you locked out of your house in the middle of the night? Well, you surely can’t sleep on the porch, and so you immediately need a spare key.

That said, make sure that you are familiar with the most trusted 24/7 locksmith services in your area who don’t wait for the sun to rise to offer you aid. Such experts will come right to your assistance with their professional equipment and ensure safe entrance in your home.

Are you well aware of how these services on your speed dial can change your life for the better? If yes, then go ahead and find the best services mentioned above in your area and save their contact info on your phone right away!

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