3 Useful Options To Raise Kids In Rural Areas

3 Useful Options To Raise Kids In Rural Areas

Running a farm and raising a family are some of the biggest challenges faced by Australians living in rural areas. Parents of farming families need to make sure that their farm is productive while keeping their kids safe. They also need to ensure that the kids are reaching their developmental needs all the time.

But raising children in the country also has a lot of perks. Kids can have more time enjoying the outdoors while surrounded by a close-knit community. They can also have more fun with sports and other activities. On the other hand, mums and dads may also seek help from rural child care providers to finish their tasks on the farm without worrying too much about the welfare of their kids. If you want to know the options for child care in the rural areas of Australia, here are the essential things that you need to know.


These facilities usually provide rural child care services from 6 am up to 6 pm every day to help working parents take care of their young children properly. These child care centres can handle young babies and toddlers up to four years old. But looking for a nearby daycare centre in rural areas can be difficult. Most of these child care facilities are often in larger cities.

If you can bring your kids to a daycare centre, make sure that the area has an appropriate size to accommodate a reasonable number of children. You also need to make sure that it has the right amenities for your child’s growth and development without sacrificing their safety.

In-home Child Care

Since regular daycare centres are usually for families living in large cities, farming families can seek help from child care providers that offer in-home services for rural child care. They must look for an authorised child carer who can monitor and support the development of kids from birth until 12 years old.

Families who will be allowed to get in-home care services should have fit into the criteria set by the government. It includes having no other options to avail of child care services due to location and the working hours of the parents. It is perfect for rural families since they usually live far from the city and the parents have unusual work shifts. Other families who can avail of these services include those who have babies from multiple births or have over two children under the regular school age. It also works for families with a sick child or parents with illnesses or disabilities. Breastfeeding mothers who are working from home can use this option as well.

On-Farm Or Farm-Based Child Care

This child care option is available as a mobile service for remote communities. If you opt to get this service, a carer will travel to the family’s property and take care of the children while their parents are preoccupied with their tasks at the farm. It is available for kids from birth until they reach the age of 12.

This type of child care service may either be a full or part-time transaction that could span for several hours per day or can last for several weeks. It is often availed by farming families during busy seasons when they must spend more time in harvesting crops or shearing the animals. You can also avail it as an emergency child care service.

Taking care of kids is hard work. But it can become even more difficult for those raising them on a farm. So make sure you take advantage of all the available help that you can get so you can do both tasks without sacrificing the quality of your time for both essential priorities.

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