3 Tips For Staying Cool While Wearing A Suit This Summer

3 Tips For Staying Cool While Wearing A Suit This Summer

Whether you’re having to head into the office for a big meeting or are attending a very formal wedding or other event, wearing a suit in the summer is usually not a very pleasant experience. With all that clothing and materials on, the hot weather of the summer can make being in a suit simply unbearable. So when this is what you have to wear, it’s vital to figure out some ways that you can stay cool and not wind up just a puddle of sweat.

To help you see how this can be done, here are three tips for staying cool while wearing a suit this summer.

Get Jackets That Aren’t Fully Lined

If you can manage to wear a suit without a full jacket, like by just wearing a vest or getting away with just only a collared shirt, you’ll be much cooler than wearing a full suit. But when a jacket is required, there are a few things you should look for or alter about your current jackets to help you keep cool.

First, you should wear jackets that aren’t fully lined. Even jackets that are only half-lined, meaning just the sleeves or the upper-back of the jacket are lined, are going to be much cooler. Or, if you can find a jacket that is self-lined and doesn’t have any additional lining, those jackets will usually be the coolest. The lack of lining will allow your body to get more air movement, which can be extremely helpful in keeping you cool.

Choose Lighter Colors

If you’re going to be spending any time at all being outside in your jacket or in any kind of direct sunlight, choosing a suit that’s a lighter color will help you stay much cooler.

With darker-colored suits, you’re going to absorb the heat and sunlight that comes your way. This will essentially make your suit its own little heater. But if you wear colors that are lighter, like a light grey, light blue, tan, or even a white suit, you’ll be able to reflect the sunlight and heat off of you, giving your body a better chance to stay cool.

Pick The Right Materials

The materials your suit is made out of will also have a big impact on how hot you’ll get while wearing that suit. Ideally, you should try to wear suits that are made out of linen or seersucker during the hot summer months. This material will give you more air flow around your body and will dry easier if you do get sweaty at one point or another.

If you’ll be wearing a suit at least once this summer, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you pick a suit that won’t get you too hot and uncomfortable.

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