10 Ways To Use Social Media For Your Laundromat Business

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Social media is a powerful tool that any entrepreneur should not ignore. It is a powerful way to grow your business. This article delves into how you can use social media for your laundromat business and its benefits for this type of company. You’ll learn about ten ways to use social media to increase revenue and get more customers in the door.

Be Social

Social media is more than just catching up with friends and family on Facebook. It’s a way to get in front of millions of potential customers, build relationships with them, and provide value for your business. You should be active on at least three social channels, not including email or text messaging.

Connection and Engagement

A social media presence for your laundromat business should be about creating relationships and engaging with people on a deeper level than just promoting the company. This is one of the most important things that you can do as it will help bring in more customers to your laundromat locations rather than having them find out elsewhere how great you are.

Images and Video

People love to consume information visually. Have a professional video made of your industrial washing machines and use it on all social channels, including YouTube if possible. Don’t forget about using images since they will help you stand out in the news feeds of people’s accounts (e.g., Facebook) or blogs (e.g., Instagram).

Create Content That People Want To Consume

Nobody wants to read an ad, but they want helpful information to help them solve their problems or make their lives easier. Provide this type of value with the social media posts targeted towards your laundromat business. More people are likely to take notice and follow what you have to say, whether through text updates or video snippets.

Hire Experts

It’s not easy at first, but once you get into a good rhythm, social media marketing becomes much more accessible. If this isn’t something that interests or excites you, consider hiring someone who has those skills to handle everything while still working under your guidance. It’s hard, though, because finding someone who is a good fit for your business is challenging.

Include Social Media In Your Marketing Plan

It’s not adequate to have social media accounts now and then post from those channels as needed. You must make sure that you provide value through the content on each of these platforms, whether Facebook, Linkedin, or Twitter. People will expect this type of frequency, so disappoint them by having nothing new in their newsfeeds or feeds in general.

Make Sure To Measure Everything

You want to track all conversions. Whether they were successful leads for customer acquisition purposes or just an increase in traffic to your website, which can help generate more sales revenue down the line at some point. Keeping track of this data will help you better measure each social post’s impact on your laundromat business to know what works and what doesn’t.

Keep Track Of Your Followers Or Fans

Monitor how many people follow you, who they are and where they come from. This makes it easier for you to reach out personally when needed or provide targeted content based on their location (e.g., if someone is following you from a different country, then focus more on international aspects of laundry services). Use these insights wisely since they can help connect with your target audience even faster than before.

Traffic to Your Money Page/Landing Page

When you take the time to add links in your social media posts, pay attention if it is driving traffic directly towards a page that has higher conversions; if so, then continue doing this and don’t forget about measuring everything when it comes down to how much revenue can be generated from each post featuring a link.

Make Sure That Your Customers Know How To Reach You

This sounds like an obvious tip. However, many people miss out on letting their customers know where they are, whether it’s Facebook or Twitter or another platform entirely (like Snapchat). Don’t let them get lost simply because of not knowing which way to contact you quickly.


Monitor what works best with your laundromat business and what doesn’t to help determine your next moves. This is the only means that you’ll genuinely know which social media channels are worth keeping active within your company’s strategy.

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