10 Ways to Slash Your Power Bills

Slash Your Power Bills

Saving money is a good thing. Saving money by cutting costs on your bills is even better. One bill that can be cut down is your electric bill/power utility bill. We use a great deal of electricity throughout our lives. From the use of large appliances like your refrigerator to charging up your phone, electricity is a utility that’s constantly used.

For example, an average household in Australia uses approximately 18 kilowatts of electricity per day or 6,570 kWh (kilowatts per hour). As the population of Australia grew by 1.6 percent to reach 25.0 million people, energy consumption rose by 0.9 percent in 2017–2018 to reach the amount of 6,172 petajoules (PJ). With such high electric consumption, check out some ways to slash your electric bills with your electric supplier.

1. Shop for electric utility providers.

Comparison shopping is key when trying to find ways to cut down on your electric bills. Some electric utility providers offer better rates, and it only makes sense to go with a cheaper, quality option. For example, when you begin to compare NI electricity rates that are offered by various providers, you’ll begin to notice that some rates for certain energy providers are better than others, so try to find the best rate for your area. Make sure to read the fine print as well to see if you can be responsible for overages.

2. Control your thermostat.

After you compare electricity providers, one easy method of cutting your power bill is to turn off the air or turn up the thermostat. Temperatures can get warmer during the spring and summer months. When this happens, the desire to cool down your home is even greater.

One way of saving on energy costs is to turn off the air conditioning when you’re at work or not at home. Another option is to set your thermostat to 78 degrees. This can help you to cut down on power bill costs and keep your home cool at the same time. This will help in a big way the next time you see your energy bill.

3. Unplug everything.

Even when devices are turned off, they draw energy. The best way to prevent this from happening is to unplug devices that aren’t being used. For instance, don’t keep your phone charger plugged up all day. Unplug the toaster if you aren’t using it. Unplug a television that isn’t being watched.

4. Take cold showers.

Taking hot showers can put a drain on power bills. Taking cold showers can help to save on both power and water bills. As compared to taking hot showers, taking cold showers can help save on two months’ worth of power bills that you’ll receive from your electric utility company. This is an especially good tip in the summer months since you may not be as tempted to use the air conditioner.

5. Dry line laundry.

Rather than using a power-draining electric dryer, try line drying your clothes. Dryers consume between 1,800 watts to 5,000 watts per load, which can destroy a power bill. How much money can you save line drying clothes? Let’s say your dryer uses 3,000 watts per load, and you pay $0.10 per kilowatt-hour (kWh). For a 30-minute dryer load, you’re looking at $2.74 per month and $32.85 per year savings with your electric utility company.

6. Keep the sun out.

When the sun is out, your home tends to get warmer. This causes you to increase the use of your air conditioning. Closing your home blinds, closing curtains in your house, and even using a tinted window film can help get your bill under control.

7. Turn off your stove.

When cooking, turn the stove or oven off a few minutes before you’re finished. The heat which has been built up over the course of cooking can continue to cook your food. This will help you to save a few dollars a year on power costs.

8. Turn off the dishwasher heat dry.

Most of us hate washing dishes by hand and prefer using a dishwasher. One way that you can use a dishwasher and slash your power bills is to turn off the dishwasher heat dry function. This reduces the energy needed to heat water.

9. Only do full laundry loads.

Don’t wash small loads of laundry. These consume more energy in the long run, as you must use the laundry machine multiple times. This helps to cut your power bill, and lessen the amount of laundry that you have to do.

10. Snuggle up in blankets.

Here’s another simple method of slashing your power bills: buy more blankets. When the seasons get cooler, our natural instinct is to turn the heat up in our homes. This can destroy your power bill with high costs. All you need to do is buy a couple of extra blankets, snuggle up, and save money.

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