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Your Guide To Buy Luxury Television

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The chance to have the best television is everyone’s dream. At times, the process of procuring a luxurious TV may be overwhelming. It is important to consider the basics before buying the TV. There are many television options in the market, and they differ in sizes, design, picture quality, audio performance, and price. It is for you to decide on what you want by following the right market criteria. Here is a guide to buying the best and most luxurious television.

  1. Careful Assessment of the Specifications

Often, the manufacturer bombards lots of details in the advertising media to confuse you. Considering the overwhelming information provided, it might be hard to comprehend the details. You might be surprised that not all that is indicated in the advertisement is true. It is important that you carefully go through the specifications and make sure you understand and verify the details. This will prevent you from spending money on a ‘mirage’. If you don’t have time to go through all the specifications, it’s important that you have a list of your own and consider your preferences instead. This should be in regard to the picture quality, audio performance, and design.

  1. The Bigger, the Better

Irrespective of where you want to put the TV, you should go for a television that gives you bigger pictures. For example, a 40” will do in the bedroom and a 55” and above for the living room. Depending on the purchasing power, always go for the biggest. Big screens give you a better entertainment feel. They are good for sports and movies as they enhance better visual effects. With the big TV, you get to feel like part of the action and the experience is very satisfactory. It is also advantageous since you don’t have to strain in viewing or reading minor details displayed on the screen. Bigger screens are not only convenient for viewing but also good for your eyes. You will always enjoy the viewing.

  1. Consider UHD and HDR Properties

Ultra High Definition TV, also known as 4-K TVs possesses 4 times better screen resolution than the standard television. Many manufacturers find it easy to produce the 4-K TVs and this is why they are cheaper in price. For example, TCL and Vizio 65” UHD TVs go for $800 in the United States. On the other hand, Samsung and LG of the same kind go for $1,100. With such options, you can buy your TV and get to enjoy UHD performance. Most highly priced luxurious TVs have HDR (High Dynamic Range) capability feature. This ensures better color and picture contrast. This feature allows you to enjoy external program linkages. You can be able to stream entertainment series from Amazon, Netflix, and Blu-Ray. Generally, all luxurious TVs have UHD and HDR properties and you shouldn’t settle for less.

  1. Other Considerations

Generally, the tips below are important to help you get the best luxurious television and you need to have the basics before approaching the market.

  • All OLED televisions display the best and highest quality pictures and that’s why they are expensive
  • LED/LCD televisions that have local dimming are better performers than those without
  • LED/LCD TVs containing full LED backlight are better in performance than the ones with slight backlight
  • The best picture quality in a luxurious TV is dependent on the television’s ability to produce deep black shades
  • Color saturation and accuracy are equally important as the shade effect in every luxurious TV
  • Overall, matte screens are the most effective to use in bright rooms
  • It’s important to consider other TV details such as resolution, video processing, light output and color gamut
  • Picture settings that are poor will look just good in a luxurious TV

Top Television Models to Consider

The following TVs are top rated and are the most luxurious brands in the market:

Sharp Aquos Ultra HD 90”

This goes for $10,999.99 and it’s the largest TV in the world. It has the following major specifications:

  • Inbuilt Web browser
  • Inbuilt Wi-Fi
  • 3-D technology
  • Motion resolution

Sony Ultra HD 84”

The television is available in major online stores at $24,999.99. It contains the following main specifications:

  • It’s 4-K enabled
  • 8 million pixel screen resolution
  • 2 monster size speakers
  • 3-D technology
  • SimulView to help you play multi-player games
  • Allows Apps such as Netflix and Facebook

Vizio 80” M-Series

The TV goes for $3,999.99 and it has the following specifications:

  • LED Technology
  • Brilliant pictures
  • Inbuilt Wi-Fi
  • Ultra sharp contrast and 3D images

Samsung LED 75”

This goes for $6,999.99 and has the following major specifications:

  • Touch remote
  • Inbuilt microphone
  • Phone control application
  • Smart Hub App
  • Inbuilt Webcam
  • Content share

The above televisions have similarities in features such as the HDR and UHD technology but what is more common is the size. All are big in size and this gives you the viewing advantage. Their sound qualities are enhanced and you get to follow your best programs easily and flexibly. You will never go wrong with any of these high qualities TV. You should also understand that they come with warranties to ensure that your money is protected.


The above information is important in helping you choose the right luxurious television for your home. It is vital to consider the main specifications such as picture quality, audio performance, size, and 4-K technology. A bigger 4-K enhanced TV gives you the best image quality and should be considered. With the tips, you can buy the TV of your dream with no worry whatsoever. The market is supplied with the best devices but you have to be smart enough to realize this. You should go online now and order the TV of your choice and get to enjoy the best picture quality and audio performance.

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