Why Should You Hire Auckland Car Wreckers for Your Damaged Car?


Car owners in Auckland are usually seen giving away their cars to others when they encounter any major fault in the car due to the cost involved in the repairs. But wise ones hire car wreckers to save themselves from the financial set back that occurs on account of a damaged car. In this article, we will discuss the benefit of hiring Auckland car wreckers for knocked-down cars.

Need for car wreckers

Our cars go through so much and frequent wear and tear may leave them in a situation that they become exposed to major faults. Since such mechanical faults require high-value repairs, many car owners feel it’s feasible to give them away as scrap rather than incurring any further expense on their repair. In some cases, such as that of fire, the damage is so severe that the car becomes non-functional. In both these scenarios, it is better to hire car wreckers as they can professionally carry out the removal of the damaged car.

Benefits of hiring car wreckers

● Easy removal of the car and its components

Sometimes the damage to the car is so severe that it becomes difficult for the owners to remove the car themselves from their place. Getting towing services is an option but it comes with a price to pay. Car wreckers, on the other hand, provide vehicle removal services for free. Thus, you save money that otherwise you would have spent on car removal.

● Environment-friendly car removal

There are some components present in the car that may cause damage to the environment if not disposed of properly, such as plastics, chemicals, fluids, metals, etc. Car wreckers being experts in handling old cars can help you in eco-friendly removal of the damaged car and its components.

There are many components in a car that can be recycled. Although you might not be aware which components in the car are capable of being recycled, the car wreckers have complete information about such components and they can recycle those components in an eco-friendly manner.

● Extra cash in hand

Not only do the car wreckers provide free of cost car removal services, but they also provide you cash for the recyclable parts that they get from you. They sell the metal components, coolants, oil, and other such parts to the other companies. Thus, they reward you for the same as well.


Car wreckers in Auckland can help you with the easy removal of your damaged car. Also, they are experienced in the automobile sector and hence they know how to deal with old cars in the best way.

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