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Where And How To Store Your Things During Home Reno

Store Your Things During Home Reno

Renovating your house is stressful. But at the same time, it’s a welcome upgrade to your everyday sight. If you’ve been living in a home for years or have bought an old one, it may require a lot of work to make a noticeable difference.

However, home reno is rarely a smooth process. You may find several unexpected issues hiding behind old walls and flooring. Also, staying within a budget, finding the right professional interior designer, and good quality material are some common factors to consider. Another problem is finding a safe way to store your household items during the renovation process to prevent them from being damaged. So how do you keep your belongings safe while doing major home reno? Here are some helpful tips.

Categorize your belongings

Planning will help you go through the whole procedure smoothly. Hence, the first step is to list all the items you wish to store. You can categorize them according to their material, functionality, size, and fragility. Put similar together. Similarly, objects in daily use such as toiletries and kitchenware should be accessible. Hence, you can keep them together for easy and quick access.

Rent a storage unit

Renting self-storage is ideal for keeping delicate and expensive objects safe from harm’s reach while renovating your home. These facilities offer several features, including climate control, pest control, 24/7 surveillance, cloud-based management, etc. You can also extend the lease to keep the extra storage space for other things you may not need around the house but are unwilling to part with.

A quick search on Google can help you find a storage unit near you. For example, if you live along the Gulf of Mexico in Texas, look for ‘storage Corpus Christi‘ on the internet for a few options. Repeat the same for any other US city you live in, and you’ll find something worth your dollar. You can use this option to store expensive paintings, crockery, and antiques.

Designate one room for storage

Selecting a room for storage is an excellent idea if you have a spare room in your house. You can easily stash all of the belongings you want out of the way until the home renovation is complete.

A significant benefit of assigning a room within your home for storage is that the area is safe and secure. Your belongings will be dust-free and weatherproof. Hence, any chance of your possessions getting damaged reduces to minimal. Thus, any space that is not in use for some time will be ideal for safekeeping. If you find it difficult to assign any room for this, shift objects to a room you are not working on at the moment.

Push all the items in the middle of the room

Suppose you fail to find a dedicated space to store your belongings in your home. In that case, you can also push all the items in the middle of the room. You can cover the items with a plastic sheet for their safety. Though this idea may not seem attractive, it can work if the furniture is less bulky. By taking a little extra care, you can protect them from any damage caused by dust or paint.

However, suppose the remodeling process is not minor. In that case, it is not an ideal option, and you should opt for other options on the list. You should highly consider the risk of damage to your belongings, costly items. Spending extra money and effort is an easy alternative rather than damaging your possessions.

Ask your friends and family to keep things for you

Let’s consider; you don’t find enough space in your house, and you cannot push the items in the middle of the room either. In that case, you can ask your family or friends to keep your belongings in their house until you’re done fixing your home. So don’t hesitate to ask for a room or any space for the time being. What are close ones for, after all?

But keep in mind that the renovation might take longer than you estimated. So ensure you and your friend are on the same timeline of removing your belongings from their house. All you require is to make some calls or drop a message and ask if anyone can lend you a room or a garage. You should include the expense of transporting these things from your house to theirs and vice-versa. It would be unfair for you to expect them to do the pick-and-drop for you.

Use storage bins

You can always get a few bins and keep your belongings in them. You won’t have to rely on your family or friends to keep your stuff anymore. In addition to that, all of the items will be safe and secure.

Another benefit of storage bins is they are available in different sizes and shapes. Hence, you can easily buy the desired storage container, and it will be delivered right to your door. Also, you can easily transport it to a self-storage unit since it is portable. Once the renovation is complete, the storage facility will transfer the portable storage container whenever you ask them to. This way, you will save yourself from the hassle of hiring or renting a truck for safe transport.


Just like you make a detailed plan of renovating your house, you should also plan to store your belongings, so they remain safe from paint, scratches, and falls. It would be best to make a plan before the renovation starts. The earlier you decide on the storage plan, the more time and energy you will have to store your belongings safely and focus on the renovation. Hence, choose a storage option that may be the best for you and make your home remodeling less stressful.

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