What Are The Most Common Car Insurance Claims?

5 Common Claims Car Owners Make

Despite what we all wish, car accidents are common. They happen every day, and most are minor, but they are ultimately unavoidable, at least in the big picture. But the good news is that, if you are involved in a car accident, your insurance provider is there to help. Every day, car insurance companies process countless claims from people just like you – and the following 5 claims are the most common of all.

Minor Damage

The phrase “fender bender” is part of our common lexicon precisely because, despite being rather vague – the damage doesn’t need to be to your fender, after all – we all understand the concept. Fender benders are those accidents that barely qualify as an event. Everyone is unharmed and many people decide not to repair the damage, which may be a small scrape or dent. Most experts recommend paying these costs out of pocket since it’s easier, faster, and generally quite inexpensive.


Theft exists on the opposite end of the spectrum from fender benders. While most of us shrug off that dented bumper, having your car stolen is a worst case scenario – for you and for your insurance company. That’s why many insurers will actually reduce your car insurance rates if you install anti-theft technology. Unlike a slight bump, though, having your car stolen is an expensive problem to have, and no one lets that expense slide without filing a claim.

Windshield Damage

Drivers file a great many claims for windshield damage, most of which involves slight damage from flying debris like gravel, and they do this because even slight damage can turn into a giant crack due to weather or a second impact. This is also precisely the type of damage that you should think about when comparing insurance policies.

Some people who drive older cars choose liability only policies because their vehicles aren’t worth much anymore, but windshield problems can render an otherwise functional car undriveable. They’re also just expensive enough to drain the average person’s wallet. Remember, you’re required to have insurance anyway, so you might as well build in a little cushion if it will keep your car on the road.

Physical Injuries

Even relatively minor car accidents can lead to injuries, in particular soft tissue injuries like whiplash and back pain. As such, car insurance companies field an endless stream of claims for injury-related medical expenses. Of course, more serious car accidents can also lead to many very expensive medical bills, including bills for surgeries and extended rehabilitation, but those are the minority.

Single Vehicle Incidents

Finally, it’s worth acknowledging that, while we often think of car accidents as involving multiple vehicles, the majority of insurance claims are actually for single vehicle incidents, such as cars hitting poles or trees. Though these can be quite serious, they tend to be less complex claims since there aren’t other drivers involved in the situation.

Car insurance is a requirement of vehicle ownership, but the specifics of your policy and how you use it will vary. The most important thing is to ensure that you have a policy that addresses your particular needs and concerns – and these are different if you drive a new sports car than they would be if you’re driving a 15 year old vehicle. By working with your insurance agent, though, you can be sure that when you hit the road, you do so with confidence.

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