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Backlinks to your site generally mean having other sites linking to your website. Backlinks have commanded a lot of SEO importance as they’ve proven to be the perfect Google ranking factor. Having many sites linking to you doesn’t only mean improved traffic, but it also means Google recognizes your site as an authority.

But wait! Not any backlink to your site is something to be celebrated. You need to get quality sites linking to you if you don’t want dead leads. A backlink is an important SEO metric that you cannot take lightly. That said; there’re a lot of things you must do to attract more backlinks to your site. Take a look at these helpful techniques.

Consider Guest Posting

You can never go wrong with guest posting if you’re hunting for backlinks. Guest posting means submitting an article to a different website with a link to your site. This has worked for many businesses in getting clients and increasing their web authority.

Guest posting is very easy as you only have to reach out to publications and ask them for a guest posting opportunity. Many of the publications even allow you to choose your own topics. If this is the case, make sure you choose those topics that are aligned with your industry. Always consider the kind of authority that the site commands to know whether they deserve a guest post from you.

Join Online Forums

Online forums such as Quora are perfect places to source for backlinks. These online forums allow you to engage with people by asking questions or helping others solve their problems by giving answers. Find out the most popular questions in the forums you join and help people answer them while you earn links in the process.

For you to get visitors from online forums, you need to display some form of authority. Your readers should have confidence that you’re an expert on the subject. You should ensure every piece of information you give out if accurate and helpful. While some forums may not allow you to include links to your site, other visitors can go ahead and reference you on their site.

Check What Your Competitors Are Doing

Spying on your competitors is another great way to get backlinks to your site. You need to stay updated with the strategies your competitors are using in the market. Check out their social media sites to see how they’re building links.

One way to do this is to stay on high alert on every activity of your competitors. This also involves getting alerts whenever they post something. Follow them on social media or subscribe to their emails, so you don’t miss anything. You can also create a Google Alert for the keyword related to your competitor’s site. If you find that your competitors are doing something worthwhile, there’s no harm in copying it. You might see that they have a bunch of links from a list of free lawyer directory listings.

Use Your Content for Backlinks

When it comes to using your content for backlinks, you need to work on creating quality content. And it doesn’t just end at that; you also need to promote your content. Consider doing email outreach to ensure your content reaches the intended audience at the right time.

Contact bloggers or websites to get them to help promote your content. Use Google search to find websites and blogs that run weekly or monthly roundups. Once you find the right people, introduce your website. Send them a link to your content, and they’ll help with the promotions if they find the content useful. Also, don’t forget to maintain a good relationship to continue growing your business with the right people.

Start Hosting Events

If you haven’t hosted an event before, this might be the only thing standing between you and those backlinks you’re coveting. Community events will help you get out to the world and collect those backlinks. It’s not a must that you do in-person events if you don’t have the capacity. Webinars and virtual conferences can still work well in your favor.

Take the opportunity to also pitch your website to businesses and publications that attend the events so they can help you promote your site. This is the best way to get them to give you those backlinks.

Bottom Line

Getting backlinks to your site is not a huge task, but only the best strategies work. While all these techniques may not work for your business, you can test a few of them and celebrate every win. Also, don’t forget to keep those backlinks you’ve managed to earn as this is even more important than earning them.

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