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While there are so many choices of carpet cleaning companies out there to help you out with professional carpet cleaning, be it for your business place, workplace, or your home, it is quite essential to understand the various types of carpet cleaning methods that are used by different professional carpet cleaning companies, not all the carpet cleaning methods work for all the carpets. Other carpets require different techniques to work for your respective carpet.

Hot water extraction

Otherwise known as steam carpet cleaning in ipswich, hot water extraction aims to apply high pressured hot water to aggravate the carpet fiber and dilute the carpet’s dirt. Hot water extraction cleaning for the most involves the application of a cleaning agent over the soiled surface. The agitation of the rug will be followed by rinsing the carpet. Within a short duration, the carpet is then left to dry within an air-conditioned room.

Carpet shampooing

One of the most popular encapsulation technologies in the carpet cleaning industry. It is relatively less popular than other cleaning methods as it leaves some high number of wet residues on the carpet, and it takes a long time to dry. Even when it dries up, it becomes quite sticky and dry.

Foam encapsulation

The foam encapsulation method uses prime synthetic detergents as the base that forms a crystallized powder when it dries. The dirt particles within the carpet will get loosened up and encapsulated into powder when the cleaning foam dries and is brushed and vacuumed post-cleaning. More than the carpet shampooing, the foam encapsulation technique has infinitely taken over as foam encapsulation uses little water during the cleaning process and has a shorter drying period. The foam encapsulation process has also been cited as a more environmentally friendly process as there is little to no chemical residue left behind after the cleaning process compared to carpet shampooing. However, the foam encapsulation technique has its limitations compared to other methods as it does not clean heavily soiled carpets.

Bonnet cleaning

Bonnet cleaning is a suitable method of surface cleaning that results as the whole cleaning process mainly revolves around cleaning the top layer of the carpet fiber using a heavy-duty machine with a spinning pad absorbed in a cleaning solution ride away from the dirt from the surface of the carpet. Bonnet cleaning is top-rated among hotels as it gives out a real quick fix to all your carpet cleaning solutions and leaves no moisture around and helps the carpet dry around quickly. In a busy public area like a hotel, this causes no inconvenience to the guests and is a quick and pleasurable option compared to the other cleaning techniques and methods.

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